more P.E.T SCANNERS needed

Charities are urging the government to provide more so-called PET scanners, which spot tumours easily.

There are only five such scanners in NHS hospitals in England and Wales, but 80 in Germany and 160 in the US.

Ministers say it is up to local health authorities to choose to buy the kit, which costs millions of pounds.

i have a friend who as a tumor if she had a P.E.T scan it would prevent her having elective surgery to see if the tumor was cancer or not .
surprise ,surprise the only P.E.T. scanner they have in south wales is in BUPA and it cost's £1500 to have the scan done.
if a patient wants a scan done then he/she as to have a letter from a doctor etc
if you want a scan on the n.h.s if possible you have to travel to other parts of the country to enable to have the scan done and most of the people who require this kind of scan done are seriously ill anyway.

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