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Should the OTC`s Interact More?

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With the exception of Queens the rest of us northern OTC's shouldnt find it all that difficult to get together on a more reqular basis, so why dont we?

At our summer camp last year we had a fantastic time doing company level attacks against an enemy provided by a different, southern, OTC. Surely it should not to be too difficult to arrange for the OTC's in Scotland to interact further in the same manner, either using a platoon from each of the OTC's to form company strength, or pitting platoon versus platoon in a weekend long exercise? I realise that this is not entirely well thought out but what does anyone else think of the idea?

The recent camp at Barry Butlins should prove to the respective PSI's, OC's, and CO's that we are able to co-habit a camp without problems and infact the inherrant rivalry between OTC's could infact be healthy and increase the drive to succede thus improving our willingness, and eagerness, to undertake training and improve our field, social and interpersonal skills.

Any comments?


I think your comments are perhaps a bit short-sighted. Firstly I dont think most CO's etc think it is a problem having multiple OTC's on camp.

For example just about every OTC was represented at Lightning strike and there was some fantastic banter.

I am presuming your a Glasgow kid but your comments...There is also a lot of inter unit mingling going on already to name a few examples Queens and Aberdeen practiced together for Minley on the Medium Girder Bridge and as I understand it Edinburgh and Glasgow are doing their MACC task together. The MTQ 2 TEWT exam is also conducted along with several other OTC'.

In saying that most of that inter-mingling does happen on skills to arm training. Perhaps more MTQ inter-unit training could be organised. The only problem is that every OTC pretty much has their own training schedules made up around their own uni holidays. Could be difficult and more costly to organise inter-unit training.

Curiously...have you been on Northern Lights?

Something that also occured to me is that if you start throwing platoons/companies of OTC's and start forming battalion/Battle Group size exercises a lot of pre-training would be required on the relevant tactics etc. Something which is well well out the scope of normal OTC training...might have a hard time convincing top brass its a good idea.


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We were talking to Wales' training Major at Minley - he was well in favour for OTC's grouping together and doing MTQ2/3 training together. I don't think actual wargames, although I'd be really up for it, would be on the cards though...!


Wargames? well, a man can dream, can't he?

If the TM is paying attention, then maybe something might get done, but you never know. I get the feeling that CO WUOTC would definetly find the idea interesting - especialy UWOTC vs. ULOTC deathmatch...


yeh its definately a good idea - anything to add to the social aspect!

But with regard to training, it could never hurt. I strongly believe OTCs should liaise for MTQ training - thatd be cracker!


Since MTQ 3 requires a battle camp for part of the assessment I believe quite a few OTC's do combine for this. Would be good to see more :numberone:


I've just picked up on this thread, something I've spoken about regularly with our headshed. A number of points:

'OTC Interaction' should be replaced with 'OTC Cross-pollination', realistically.

On the mixed exercises front, there are two or three major issues.

1) Different term times, especially for Summer Camps. Edinburgh has enough trouble coordinating Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt and Napier.

2) Different sub-units and training objectives, all to be met in a two-week period. Clashes inevitable.

3) Bit of a fuzzy, lefty, pinko commie liberal wishy-washy point, but consider the morale and factions factor. What if, during your proposed wargames, one side won? There's a distinct chance of permanent animosity for the enitre camp. Factions again are incredibly likely, almost totally negating the point of the interaction. Irish_Cream, remember that knob-jockey we had with us from Oxford this year. We don't really want that amplified.

I'm all for interaction, and possibly weekend exercises or battle camps would be best for this. Occasions like Courses Camp work so well because there is no competitive element, and the 'enforced' mixing through splitting us down into courses.


ahh yess...i remember, but i had tried to block those memories...especially the snoring. feckin hell, that cnut shook the windows at night.

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Well remember singing "May be its because I am a Londoner" and "Everybody hates us and we don't care" in various messes in the 1990's. interaction generally followed.

Inter otc exercises, interesting but against ULOTC , you would all be one with the borg.


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