More on the Federal Govt's Frenzy to Acquire Ammo

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. Federal Offenses: Law-Enforcement Teams Grow at U.S. Government Agencies -

    This quote I think sums up why so many of us are concerned about the ever-expanding federal government:

  2. has the US become too bureaucratic and unwieldy for democratic process to function?

    time for another civil war.

    like I said in the past, Georgia and a few of the surrounding states would make excellent additions to the New British Empire, oops, I mean the future Economic Bloc of Commonwealth of Nations.

    God save King George.

    ....except florida, its cak, you may as well give it to the Cubans....
  3. Hmmmmm............ now that you mention it, ..... :)
  4. Careful that the feds don't raid your next Arrse range day mistaking it for a foreign terrorist training camp.

    If Sluggy is there they might sting you for not having a licence or an adequate cage.
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  5. This helps put in perspective the amount of ammo ordered by the feds in must the last 6 months:

  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    well britain was on the side of the south during the US war of federal oppression. georgia - that's a bit like lancashire isnt it?
  7. Sound like interesting times are ahead JJH. What's the general consensus, is Obama going to try and disarm the US?
  8. Well, the US certainly seems to be anticipating some sort of domestic crisis sooner rather than later...
  9. Yep, my point entirely. Are the US Gov scared of some form of revolutionary explosion or are they going to start one?

    Obama hates the Brits, I'm starting to get the impression that he hates Yanks as well.
  10. There is plenty of 'material' on the internet alluding to the likelihood of both scenarios being true. The US strikes me as a very paranoid place at the moment.