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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BaggyInBlack, Apr 5, 2005.

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    A new Special Forces regiment will be created with specific responsibility to fight terrorism.

    The Special Reconnaissance Regiment will provide support for overseas operations - particularly operations to counter international terrorism, said Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon.

    He said: "The creation of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment demonstrates our commitment to shaping our Armed Forces to meet the ongoing challenge of tackling international terrorism.

    "The new regiment will help to meet the growing need for special reconnaissance capability."

    It has drawn its recruits from all three services, with some posts open to women.

    The SRR will be deployed in a variety of military operations, supporting both existing Special Forces units and conventional forces.

    It is distinct from the tri-service "ranger" unit, which is to be formed from the 1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment to support Special Forces operations.

    The need for a special reconnaissance capability was first identified in the Strategic Defence Review "new chapter" in July 2002.

    The Ministry of Defence said "special reconnaissance" covered "a wide range of specialist skills and activities related to covert surveillance".

    It will come under the command of Director Special Forces and be a part of the UK Special Forces group based at Hereford.
  2. I thought 3 Para had been designated the 'support' unit for SF (as opposed to 1 Para)?
  3. 4/73 Bty might have a job then
  4. Nope - 1 PARA at first - then in rotation thereafter (on current plans!). We still need to maintain the skillsets required to deliver S/LPBG capabilities.

    No chance - I assume you're being ironic? SRR won't touch 'em with a bargepole.
  5. Is this an updated and expanded version of 14 int? (obviously with international responsibilities)
  6. Yes, but now they get a funny hat.
  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    TCH issued the following statementtoday.

    Secretary of State for Defence announces Special Reconnaissance Regiment
    Published Tuesday 5th April 2005

    ArmyOn 5 April 2005 the Secretary of State for Defence, Geoff Hoon MP, announced the creation of a new "Special Reconnaissance Regiment", which has been formed to meet a growing worldwide need for special reconnaissance capability.

    In a Written Ministerial Statement to the House of Commons, Mr Hoon said:

    "The Strategic Defence Review (SDR) New Chapter published in July 2002 stated that we planned to enhance and build upon the capabilities of UK Special Forces. As part of this programme, the 'Special Reconnaissance Regiment' (SRR) will stand up on April 6 2005. This regiment has been formed to meet a growing worldwide demand for special reconnaissance capability. Consistent with the SDR New Chapter, this regiment will provide improved support to expeditionary operations overseas and form part of the Defence contribution to the Government's comprehensive strategy to counter international terrorism. The SRR will bring together personnel from existing capabilities and become the means of the further development of the capability. Due to the specialist nature of the unit, it will come under the command of the Director Special Forces and be a part of the UK Special Forces group."
  8. So the Det Geeks are now also cunning linguists with nice hats. How many Robert DeNiro lookalikes are we going to get...?


    On a serious note, and seeing as how they fall under DSF not DInt, should they maybe wear the capbadge of the WWII Reconnaissance Corps ?

    A sizeable portion of the SRR's recruits will come from infantry and RAC regiments, I'm sure.

    Just a thought....
  9. Nope Grecian helmet with sword running through I believe

    SRR Dress Code
  10. Oooh err, missus.... UBL and AQ must be quaking in their boots. The last Greek who passed that way was Alexander the Great !!
  11. Good luck to the new Regt.

    Sorry I would really like to say something nice about the capbadge too, I understand the neat Corinthian-helmet symbolism and all that, but..

    When I saw Plastic Squaddies' post I genuinely thought at first that it was a Cpl_ripper type spoof. Couldnt decide if it was a benny with a Hitler moustache, or possibly a giant with a Lilliputian stuck upside-down to his nose. :oops:

    I expect that the actual badge looks much better and that everyone will get used to it anyway.
  12. I think the remit for this particular unit is somewhat different than the historical SF operator ........think of the target and then think of the need to blend in!

    They were seeking a particular type of individual with a particular set of characteristics.......
  13. Uh,.......It suggests the wearer of the helmet has just been stabbed through the mouth and out the back of the head.
  14. quote "similar to P Company" [ref fitness]...........can't see any female passing P coy type training. so thats a load of bollards for a start then!
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