More Officer Transfers...

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by skatingvicar, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. Alright then,

    Funny old thing, in these days of running hot, information on trying to transfer between one job to another is hard to find.

    I enjoy the forces and I know money for old rope when I see it but a naff job is a naff job. AEC has not been the greatest help and CoC is not keen.

    Where can you find out what else is out there. Tri service (!) not just Army also...

    Yes, It's not a debate topic - just a cry for help.

    By the way, curious that there are two conflicting posts on this forum. Transfers to the Aussies (and this one!) and 'Too many Officers...' If you know some of the subbies I work with, I fear this excess will be short lived...
  2. Desk Officer is your best bet. Had a friend that got pissed off with his job and told the CO he was off, next visit desk officer and off he went into the wider army. That was only 7 months in to the job.
  3. if you're interested in transfer, either inter-Arm/Corps, or inter-service, always worth getting in touch with the MCM/Manner/Appointer first, and enquiring - nothing worse than applying where there is no vacancy!