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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. An example of what could be achieved if the Muslim community was as explicit as in this instance.
  2. Excellent. They should be recognized for this to show an example.
  3. Nice story. Like I said earlier "radicals are in the spotlight because moderates have sh*t to do".
  4. I think things klike this tend to be ignored by the national press. It doesnt seem to fit in with their "muslims are responsible for everything" agenda. You couldnt see the Daily Mail running a Headline - Majority of Muslims are opposed to Terrorism could you?
  5. lets see more of it, there may be a groundswell shift in opinion and publicity of the same happening now, Muslim are realising they need to be more visable about opposing terrorism, after all one of them has made the supreme sacrifice for this country recently fighting in Afghanistan
  6. get them to do a banner. to say bring our troops back?
  7. This countries media is far too far up its own collective fundemental with regards to Illegal Immigrants to report honestly about how muslims truly feel about anything. In Halifax a local Primary school with a high proportion of muslim children raised over £20,000 for the survivors of the Pakistan earthquake. To say thankYou to the Halifax public they spent the evenings of the week before Christmas handing out mince pies and asian sweetmeats and performing traditional dances to entertain the weary shoppers. More than this though, as the muslim headmaster said, it was to dispel the myth that muslims had anything against Christmas.

    This was given a lot of air time on the local Beeb news show but as to the rest of the press - nada
  8. It's a similar situation here in the US. I worked with 2 local Mosques for about half of this year to gather school supplies to send to Coalition troops for distribution to Iraqis. It was cool to see them ask my friend (an Iraq veteran) about his experience, about what Iraq is like, what the army is like, and the funny thing was, they listened.