More of the Usual Criticizing of UK Combat Troops by US Officers

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by jumpinjarhead, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. I swear, will the ex-colonial, evil, stupid, overaggressive, careless, arrogant (take breath) ungrateful, shallow, bigoted, cretinous, rednecked, ill-educated (note his degrees), fat (note his condition), etc. etc. septics never say a good word about us?

    Gen Petraeus hails Paras for precision attack - Telegraph
  2. msr

    msr LE

    I think you missed 'ex-colonial' ;-)

    Oh, and it's 'criticising'...
  3. I cannot win......I was castigated the other day on another thread for my previous practis....grrr...ce showing the "correct" spelling of terms so I dropped it in my usual effort to "just get along" and be a nice and agreeable person.

    I am at a loss........
  4. Thats alright JJ, we are aware of your minor limitations and appreciate the endeavors you make to try and appear nearly normal. Now do you want a hug, a balloon and an ice cream or are you all cried out now? :thumright:

    Thanks for the link btw, good to see.
  5. I will a few more minutes. Please bear with me as I really cannot deal with rejection or disapproval.
  6. Bloodt Septics... either at your feet or at your throat. He probably wanted a quick snuggle with the Mortar Platoon.
  7. This ain't the first time Petraeus has given UK forces a pat on the head like McCrystal I think a lot of arrsers know him to be US ally friendly.
    You don't have to go out of your way to prove a point JJH any fool (me for example) can see that all the competant members of the US armed forces all respect the combat troops of any other nation.
    The only ones with anything bad to say are either a bunch of stupid politicians or those who have spent their entire careers sitting behind desks far away from the realities of the whole thing.
  8. I feel I owe an apology to the vague entity that is 'US High Commanders' for my tarring of them with the brit-hating brush. I've always had a lot of respect for Patraeus as a military man and this shows him to have a little political savvy as well.
  9. I know and do not mean to appear insulting to ARRSERs in general--I am merely using my usual ironic device to remind us all of the point you make with a wink and nod instead of a cosh.
  10. ... or those who've had to eat in a British cookhouse....
  11. Indeed, you sure your a Septic JJH, you do seem to "Get" irony.:)
  12. Factually incorrect. They love our grub, especially fish and chips on a Friday. Anyone who has sampled "$hit on shingle" in a US chow hall will know why.
  13. I would humbly add USMC leaders to that list in spite of the characterizations by some to drive a wedge between our forces by conflating concerns about strategy and numbers of troops with actual combat performance as the lurid headlines try to suggest:

  14. msr

    msr LE


    Practice (noun)
    Practise (verb)

    works for advice / advise too

    And while I am on the subject, will you lot stop verbing nouns ;-)

  15. I have moved beyond loss to despair especially in view of your official and elevated status of MODERATOR.