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I know that things like this are posted all the time, but having just read the daily hate (and these particular stories) i really just want to hear that i am not alone in my utter despair for the (apparently terminal) state of our Nation.

I know that there are all these 'fashionable' ideas re rehabilitation etc., and that custody is not about 'retribution', but for pities sake, how many more?

Surely it is time for 'somebody' to put a stop (or at least an effective deterrent) to this sort of animal behaviour. To kill somebody in such a way, and for such 'reasons' - surely the horror of these acts deserve, at the very least life (means life), no parole. Frankly I couldn't care a toss for these cowards rehabilitation, I just want to see them suffer for their crimes.

Does anyone care anymore?
Sad world we now live in im afraid, life will mean about 12-15 years and then out on parole with all the soft "give em a cuddle and lots of understanding" that this doss hole of a country seems to heap on the ********* that think its fun to kick defenceless people to death.

Im sick and tired of reading this sort of story if im honest, I just cant see why the powers that be, still wont do anything to change the way this country works, instead of helping every other nation but our own.

We need laws that will put a stop to this, and not bloody ASBO's, they are just a waste of paperwork and time.

"Right johnny, you now have an ASBO, you cant hit anyone or swear in public, ok?" like that will do anything!

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