More Of Our Heritage Under Threat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chodmeister, Jul 12, 2015.

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  1. Was the cockerel case the one where the student body was forced to re-run their vote to take action because they had failed to consult sufficient of their number who were of African descent?

    Tapped in morse code on the radiator.
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  2. It's true, Eunuch College Cambridge confirms it's lost its cock, Nigeria's national emblem. Principal Jenny Savile accepted an email offer for her cock from Prince Edward Dungdung and expects £5 million to be deposited in her bank by Friday. The University says it's perfectly happy with the deal and hopes nobody notices the garden centre chuckie when Yodel drops it off in Benin; "if it gets lost in transit we've lots of cocks to get rid of".
  3. Seems there is to be a protest march in Oxford today to remind people about the Rhodes statue issue.Given the weather forecast I assume most will join the online virtual protest.
  4. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    I'm rather looking forward to some good, seat-of-the-colony weather, then.

    As the rain falls, the batteries in the megaphones short and several people get involuntary electroconvulsive therapy... [sigh]. Do I hope for too much?
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  5. Sadurian

    Sadurian LE Book Reviewer

    They're students. The march isn't going to attract marchers until well after 2 o'clock and even then most of them will only appear to sign their names and disappear again.
  6. Not if it means going out in the rain, that's tantamount to taking a shower!
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  7. I'll bet she would scrub up nicely. Just get rid of the Bob Marley hat and dreadlocks and I would be glad to give her a proper seeing to. :pounce:^^
  8. Don't be silly, keep em, handholds y'know. And the hat for cleaning up in absence of any curtains.
  9. 70ish turned up. Mostly foreign bleks and a few hairy boggle eyed white chicks who couldn't pull anything more human looking.
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  10. No doubt they'll claim that gives them a mandate to continue their envy driven hatred of all things Caucasian - the hairy white chicks that is.
  12. The French can keep their bling, it's at a theme park and probably a ringer with no provenance? Joan of Arc mania, sounds a bit like Delboy's weeping statue. Still if it makes them feel better.
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