More Of Our Heritage Under Threat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chodmeister, Jul 12, 2015.

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  1. All those so offended by our past that they feel they must make a personal gesture in protest can do so by buggering off to somewhere untainted by the crime of colonial conquest.
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  2. Unfortunately, the ears they're pouring that poo into seem to be receptive. This won't stop here; the museums (as noted above) will be next.
  3. I assume after the march we're not heading back to Grace's gaff to watch Zulu in HD on her 55 inch plasma.
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  4. Money talks and bullshit walks. The artifact won't be repatriated, it'll just go into storage until people stop talking about it.

    Students are such boring twats.
  5. Just think of all those unwashed junkie herberts on the street taking baton rounds in the face, if they aren't already in jail, but it would be easier to knock Oxford Uni down than get out of this mess now. Pinkie Cameron has to take some of the blame after he suggested Oxford is racist; still, black and pink are high scoring balls.
  6. 'I had to push up the wordcount of this essay somehow'

    (RMF, that is, not you Syrup)
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  7. Pity those twats don't know their history. Queen Victoria was said to be interested in the black people of the subcontinent and even had an Indian teacher that had her ear, much to the annoyance of Bertie, PoW.

    Kick 'em all out, I say. Keep their school fees for the general fund, but ship the malcontents back to unis in their home countries that might be more to their taste.

    Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim 1894 -2.jpg Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim 1894.jpg
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  8. Is Stupid a race?

    If so, I want to indulge in some racially motivated violence against these hand biting, ungrateful shitwits.
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  9. You think we've got problems? The University of Missouri has been having not a little trouble with an anti-racism group called "Concerned Student 1950". The name apparently relates to the date that the first black student was admitted to the university.

    For a pro-black organisation, CS50 appears to draw its members disproportionately from middle class white students and middle aged, white, female University employees. God knows why white women who are past their prime and probably divorced would want to be surrounded by young, fit, hung-like-a-horse black guys who can manage sex several times a night.

    Case in point is the recently fired Dr Melissa Click. She's the one with the Olive from On the Buses glasses on and calling for "muscle" to clobber the cameraman in the video below at about the six minute mark. Although it's possible that the "muscle" she was screaming for was not what everybody has assumed.

    She was subsequently arrested for assaulting the cameraman and fired by the university. Not least because the state had a sense of humour failure on discovering that Melissa teaches a class in watching television and she lists her research interests as 50 Shades of Gray and Lady Gaga's Facebook presence.

    No matter how big the problems at Oxbridge might be, our great institutes of learning will never be teaching Gaga studies courtesy of hormonal harridans who have swapped tampons for Tenna Lady.
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  10. F*** off and start your own uni then.
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  11. Just the usual rent-a-mob that puts the Outrage Bus to shame. That video was painful to watch, as listening to unwashed young adults always is.
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  12. Kudos to the photographer guy for standing his ground against the 'mammals'.
  13. Wanna bet?

    These people are utterly barking.
  14. They should return back to the conditions that they were discovered in before the poisons of colonialism infected them. Before they were ‘forced' to desire western education, western dress, western medicine, in fact pretty much all the things western that have so infuriated them: the wheel, cars planes automobiles, telephone, etc etc.

    Take themselves back to Africa, wrap themselves in an animal hide, build mud huts and scratch a living.
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  15. Give them banning orders, limit marches, change routes and set any other appropriate conditions. It's unlikely this lot will be assembling peacefully, chucking eggs and paint more like.