More NRA idiocy

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by stoatman, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. A certain number of e-mails have just "fallen" into my possession, which should prove interesting.

    An acquaintance of mine sent a legal question to Mike Wayland, the NRA's police liaison officer. Okay, that was his 1st mistake.

    Anyway, the question was essentially "can I transit Heathrow with a section 5 firearm". The correct answer is: YES (some Americans did it last year on the way to and from Norway for an ipsc rifle match). However, the answer from Mike Wayland was as follows:

    what's wrong with this picture? Not only does he get the answer to the question wrong by merely repeating what section 5 is, he also claims that centrefire rifles have limited magazines in the UK!

    Now, enlighten me , why are they paying that man?
  2. Where the fcuk has he got that from?
  3. 20 years serving in the police? It is both bizarre and alarming, especially given his paid position...
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Stoatman thanks for putting this up, E_S you are a BASC member arent you? Can you talk to Stoatman via PM and get this raised please? I will raise it with the NGO as an example!
  5. This man is an idiot!

    Even I know that the max magazine capacity is 3 rounds! :p
  6. BASC? DO you mean NRA? I'm a member of both. If Stoatman wishes to contact me I'll discuss it, not sure what to do about it other than contact the guy. Roger Speak used to have that job, not sure why he went.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I think getting in touch with BASC to ensure that such "Barrington Barnes esque" drivel isnt repeated to the point that it gets believed and also the NRA through Council to point out how wrong their employees are!
  8. e_s: you have p.m.
  9. Health issues.
  10. That is absolutely shocking. Even Chubb could have given the man a better and more relevant answer using her usual cut and paste tactics.

    What is up with the NRA?
  11. This moron used to be an FEO with Surrey. (That explains a lot.)

    Apparently he was 'asked' if he would take the job temporarily during Roger Speak's absence. I have some personal friends on Council and so I shall 'ask' them to 'ask' who the hell 'asked' this idiot to take the job.

    I am getting thoroughly sick and tired of jobs going to the old boy net based on who you know rather than what you know. I know that the jobs are badly paid (pay peanuts get monkeys) but I am sure that if they were properly advertised many (better) people would apply.
  12. Has the man never looked out of the window to look at the various CSR and PR matches underway? Not to mention all the LERA competitions!

    BASC all the way for me. I hear nothing but good about their firearms department.
  13. You jest, but Glynn Alger - the NRA's Secretary General is an ex-copper, and thoroughly knowledgeable.
    How the fcuk anyone working for the NRA - as their legal liaison type no less - has got their arse turned backwards that badly beggars belief.

    I usually stand up for the NRA. They get a lot of flack by old codgers for something they did/didn't/should/shouldn't have done 30/40/50 years ago, which ignores the fact they are now a totally different organisation and quite proactive. Paying off debt at a rate of knots and looking to support regional ranges etc, etc (Glynn Alger, and some of the newer chaps - actual sports managers, not well meaning shooters - are really looking to the future. It's good :) ).
    And no, they're not perfect (before people start going "what about this, and that"), but show me a sports group that are. They're better than they were. BSSF are about to go bust, at least the NRA are managing their finances vaguely competently!

    That bit of "advice" however is awful. Get a copy forwarded to Glynn and see what he makes of it.
    UK firearms law is a fluid and thorny issue as we all know, which the Police can adapt to suit themselves (arbitrary FAC conditions for instance), which is why even they don't understand it properly. If this is supposed to be your specialist field however, then that's quite a gaff to make.
    Don't just whinge about it on here (which will do no good whatsoever), pick up the phone, call Glynn and ask him who he's employing and why.
  14. Glynn Alger is the root of the problem.
  15. Good call!