More nonsense about the TA on MOD site

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by oldstab, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. Further to the "mistruths" peddled on the official Army site (see the thread on Cold War Territorials), how about this gem from a news story currently on the home page of the MoD site?

    "If you said "Territorial Army" 20 years ago, the image that appeared in most people's minds was of draughty church halls, ragged drills with outdated weaponry, and weekend exercises in the Welsh hills. While church halls and the Brecon Beacons are still routinely used by Reservists from all three Services, Major General Simon Lalor, Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Reserves and Cadets), told Defence Focus the experience of life in Britain's Reserve Forces has changed radically since the end of the Cold War."

    A small detail, but one which idicates a wider ignorance, but I have never come across a TA unit which uses a church hall. Is someone confusing the TA with the Home Guard again? Every unit I know is in a purpose built TA Centre (even if it was purpose built a good few decades ago!) or army barracks.
  2. Complete c0ck. Twenty years ago saw some very swish TACs being opened, to replace a lot of pre-WW2 sites that had become unsustainable or irreperable...1988 was probably the apogee of the Cold War TA investment.
  3. given the wider ignorance bit, does the highlighted name above match the identity of a certain DCDS?......
  4. It makes you wonder who is writting this stuff. I thought Jimmy Perry and David Croft were dead.
  5. sbp - Not quite sure what you are asking. As it says, Lalor is the ACDS for Reserves.
  6. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I was a cadet for a few years as a kid, and my wife is on the civvi committee for one unit....and I've never met a cadet unit that uses 'church halls' either. So if any TA unit is using them i'll be damn surprised.

    I think this bloke needs a damn good brain dump of reality to bring him up to date.

  7. :omfg:
  8. clicky clicky
  9. I must be getting old and cynical but something in my waters suggests that the TA items referred to over the last ten days ago are not accidental "mis-speaking". It is almost as if a spin-offensive belittling the TA, making it less "relevant" and "appropriate" to modern Britannia is being ramped up.

    Who is staffing this web-site copy? They need a discussion with the TA head-shed, preferably without coffee although a car battery and crocodile clips might be useful.
  10. More rubbish, my old unit had five (Cambridge, Ilford, Bedford, Warley and Colchester) brand new TAcs opened within five years twenty years ago. No church halls were hurt in the training of this scaley.
  11. sbp - See what you mean now! That post by DCDS? really is about the most pathetic, patronising post I've seen.
  12. could it be the oppositte? Recently it seems that the past efforts of the TA have been reduced to Dad's Army proportions to magnify recent achievements. i.e.

    "twenty years ago the TA couldnt find their arrse with both hands and a sniffer dog and today they're an integral part of the regular army and it's all thanks to Labour. Heil Gordon Brown, Heil Tony Blair etc etc"
  13. Respond in kind. Attend various TA100 parades in BDs, '37 pattern webbing and carrying SMLEs. Maybe nobody will notice.
  14. Could the army get away with training in church halls given we are "banned" from schools? Or would we be seen to be influencing another "vulnerable" subset of society? i think we'd have read about this one in the papers if we were still in church halls!
  15. Seaford's platoon substation did look like a church hall to be fair :twisted:
    but 6/7th queens had a spanking new tac now closed down and awaiting redevelopment :roll:
    20 years ago we had loads of stabs awaiting the coming of ivan.
    now we have a lot less and are using them to fill the gaps that twenty years ago we'd have had a regular army that could have sustained operations without relying on the TA