More NHS money down the pan!

Taken from the website of the lancashire evening post PC madness again is it just me or does it look fcuking sinister? Oh and how casn it be "inter faith" if it's just for one faith?

Hospital gown for Muslims
Muslim women booking into hospital for operations can now respect their religion by wearing this unique burka-style gown.
The 'Inter-Faith Gown' is the brainchild of Karen Jacob, the linen services manager at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

It is the first such gown to be introduced in the country and patients at Preston and Chorley hospitals will now have the opportunity to wear it if they wish.

Ms Jacob said: "I noticed a gap in the market and thought that it would be great if there was a gown that helped to preserve a patient's modesty."

The gown provides extra comfort and cover for patients undergoing medical procedures, and whose culture or religion requires them to be more modestly clothed.

Trials of the gown have already been carried out at Royal Preston Hospital and the response has been overwhelming.

It will be available from November 1 and will be manufactured by Interweave Textiles.

There has already been considerable interest in it from other NHS Trusts.

Ms Jacob and Interweave Textiles were brought together by TrusTECH – the NHS organisation that manages innovation for the North West NHS.
02 September 2006
still, doesn't provide much preservation of modesty when the gynaecologist is elbow deep,in her box.
brettarider said:
Ms Jacob said: "I noticed a gap in the market and thought that it would be great if there was a gown that helped to preserve a patient's modesty."
A gap in the market? How utterly characteristic of the NHS today that this innovation wasn't driven by patients' needs or sevice user demand...


Ms Jacob appears to have found her route in to the next promotion level.

It appears to me that none of these 'non Mulsims' actually give a flying f*ck about the crap that they spout. They use these 'initiatives' as a way to feather their own nests. This sort of conduct has been creaping around now for years. It's even present in the Forces.

The whole thing begs two questions, the first being if Muslims find it all so 'oppresive' why the f*ck haven't they invented something themselves to 'save their modesty' and the second being.......what the f*ck have they been doing for all these years? I can only hazard a guess that the answer to the second question is.....the same as the rest of us.

We haven't got enough money to treat people with serious illnesses and we allow the likes of Ms Jacob to go squandering what little is left just to appease people who have never really given a f*ck about covering up before.

What the f*ck is this all about eh?
Jacques_Bustard said:
The inference being that normal theatre wear is somehow immodest. Utter nonsense, how can a theatre gown, cap, gloves and a mask be at all immodest?
How does the anaesthatist keep an eye on her if she's buried under that lot? The theatre staff aren't going to notice her lips going blue very quickly are they?

If you think that's a waste of money, check out Suffolk's Men Who Have Sex With Men Project. Free condoms, **** lubricant and a copy of the 'cruising guide' delivered free of charge to a 'public sex environment' near you. If you're really lucky, you could even get to meet 'Vicky', the hospital's newly employed resident transvestite.

All this from a hospital that closed 10% of its beds and tells cancer patients not to bother turning up for chemotherapy appointments because there are no nurses available in the oncology clinic. :evil:

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