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Funny old thing but i heard a rumour that a certain WO2 RSWO chap, has just picked up his big badge after recently signing off  ???. I think he works in the mighty training Sqn next to the old chap who plays rugby  ???


Having now left the wonderfull Corps it is good to see that the system (that is Glasgow when they are in) can still excell themselves and cow down to people who whinge and moan to get promoted. :mad:
Also had telcon today from matey at MW and IF this is true and IT is the same RSWO...sounds like a Billingsgate Fish Market job ???

Indivdual has gone past ROD? How does that work then..or are they moving goal posts again!
Get promoted out of board, with no time to serve..and then get continuance after??? ???  Not according to the DCI on residual service thrown at us on MCM roadshow recently. We have a bloke here who was told.."no chance of promotion..not enough time to serve" :( So come on then management..whats the new rules?

Obviously promotion is now done to requirement not merit :-/ Might as well not bother with boards then :mad:


The Question is how did he do it and can it be posted here please, I need all the help I can get.

desprately behind the drag curve......... :-[

I like my blue hat, i dont want to change colour now


Civvie Street, how long have you been a civvie mate?  You have just broken a golden rule that has been in the forces for yonks.......remember the one about grassing on your mates in public, or have you forgotten.

I have just read this post and am saddened.  I do not know this RSWO but I know roughly where he works and what his job is.  But this is what I do know:

a.  If what this man/girl has in his brain is so valuable to the Corps that promotion will keep in him, then hey, lets make him a Colonel.  If not he will be earning 3 times as much selling this information back to the Corps working for ATIL, BAe Systems or some other defence industry.  Civvie Street, you may be familiar with this it is called 'head hunting' or 'Human Resource Management' (no, you have probably never been head hunted in your life).

b.  As to those that are whingeing and whining like a xenith pump about being unfair (and maybe a lesson for you Wiggly Amp in your desperate need for regonition/promotion), then why don't you get off of your butts and make yourselves irreplaceable or more valuable than the guy next to you.  Surely this RSWO was just another Air Trooper many moons ago, just like the rest of us?

c.  Personally I am glad that the powers that be have started to stop experienced and valuable guys/girls from leaving the Corps.  Admittedly they are cutting it fine and yes there are people that we should never have lost.....but at least the penny is dropping, and hopefully will filter down to the rest of us.

d.  One huge step in the right direction for the groundies, they too are now becoming valuable enough to make the Corps sit up and take note when the leave.

e.  If you feel that strongly about it have the gonads to write your complaints on paper through the chain of command.  If you feel that the chain of command is fobbing you off, then write directly to DAAvn.  He has a whole load of staff wollers that do this type of job and look out for the Corps greater good and where it is going in the future for all of us and not just the few whingeing jealous types.

f.  And Civvie Street......weren't you the person that had to leave the Corps for the hit and run accident that killed a child, and weren't you the person that had an uncontrollable drinking and gambling problem that forced you out of the Corps.  And weren't you the person that got caught by the CDT and stole to fuel your drug addiction.  No mate, of course it wasn't you.  But do I need to know about Tellys at Netheravon, does it bring anything to the post etc etc.  But be very very careful about what you type in a forum like this....banter in the bar, good drip in the NAAFI, but can definitely take the 'L' for that one.  You just let go of the rope civvie.......have fun with your new found friends, but don't forget to watch your back with them as they have obviously taught you a few tricks of their trade.

g.  Oh and one thing Civvie Street, Happy Christmas  :-*

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