More New Labour nonsense

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Sep 9, 2007.

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    Call me cynical but why am I getting the feeling that this £200 is going to be spent on anything but 'wholesome food' ?
  2. Embassy Regal are as wholesome as it get's Squire. So are scratchcards.
  3. What a total load of utter nob spanking arse.

    Clearly its going to encourage chavs to breed even more now. If the gov are intent on doing this, make it vouchers only.
  4. They do that with the immigrants and caught loads of them selling food vouchers to corner shop owners for booze at about a tenth of what the voucher was worth.

    If some of the Chavettes were given Boots vouchers I wonder if they could get pregnancy test kits or even morning after pills with them :?
  5. yep Maccy dees do vouchers...3 big macs and a diet coke for the wieght conscious chav tart with hordes of kids in seen in Maccy dees most days in Chatham
  6. Vouchers? They should be forced to undergo a mandatory contraception plan. One big needle when they are 13 and a booster at 16. They can shag as much as they like then.

    You're right though, some of these stupid c*nts will think that 9 months and the pain of child birth will be worth a £200 handout. They'll be clammering around those maternity wards from Darlington to Dundee.
  7. Some people just shouldn't be allowed to breed...
  8. Just goes to show how far detached from reality our government is. Vouchers MAY work, but only if they can be redeemed at a trustworthy outlet, and not your average corner shop, where they may be 'misused'.
    Given that most DSS benefits fund fags and booze for the chavenous masses, this will only add fuel to the fire.
  9. I'm totally against anything like this to be honest. What should happen is the parents of the chavs should stump up 200 notes to allow their sprogs to breed. A birth license if you like. There should of course be a test prior to issuing the license. Any suggestions on what the test should be?

    Special Birth Coppers could stop any chavette in the street with a sprog and ask to see her calving certificate. If none is forthcoming, the sprog is removed from the pikey and chucked in the canal. The chavette and chav are then fined. The fine will take the form of a 200000 volt Tazer to the ball sack or uterus.
  10. How do you really feel Flashy?

  11. I'm running for Government you know......
  12. I like your thinking, Flashy.
  13. You cant do any worst then the mad barstewards in charge at the moment Flashy. Im only against this idea as Ive had my kids now and gone through with the snip so no little brucey bonuses of £200 for me. I even missed out with the government £250 child bond scheme that came out for newborns in 2001 :x

    edited to say can there be a grant for future grandads, Im not 40 yet but getting close and my kids are teenagers. Once we have a grandchild we get £250 towards a bottle of whiskey, slippers, free £10 bet on the horses and worthers originals.
  14. Beat me to it. Breeding is a privilage, not a right. :x

    Too many Cupid Stunts dropping floaters in the Gene Pool. :evil:
  15. You get my Vote! :twisted: