More new kit for Basra

Interesting. The plan therefore seems to be turn basra airport

into an unsinkable aircraft carrier, compleate with CIWS, housing a brigade, UAV's (450 and Preditor B), ISTAR aircraft and helo's, with the Iraqi Army 10th division doing the grunt work.

From the look of these report the powers-that-be are not only digging in for the long hall, but providing funding for the high-end equipment needed to do so.
Well it won't be the bloody Corps of Musicians, not now they're getting all "tactical".
Its coming out of the UOR budget.
jim30 said:
Its coming out of the UOR budget.
Oh so everybody's got to loose a bit of budget then?

UOR = Cuts for everyone :D
On the brightside, at least the IDF attacks are being taken seriously now. glad to see it when it gets rolled out. Too late for some but this kit will save lives.
Crazy_Legs said:
Luckily, thanks to the unique way the British Army is funded, we don't pay for ops!! All UORs come out of the Govt's contingency fund.
Yep, The NHS pays, Education, Customs and Excise, Home Office etc etc as I said cuts for everyone! :x
Why do I suspect the Phalanx installations will be stripped from type 42 destroyers?
There should be, but the MOD has a record of destroying perfectly good equipment istead of storing it.
The systems are new and not coming from the 42's!
jim30 said:
The systems are new and not coming from the 42's!
Quite! In fact, its more than Phalanx. The contract is for: "Indirect Fire Locator, Alarm and Intercept System" (IFLAIS) equipment, for delivery to Basra, Iraq, at a total cost of £9 million. For that money, I would want the air miles as well.

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