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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Lipo, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Model 29-2 .44 Magnum

  2. This is the latest craze in Kansas, hopefully road rage is rare.
    Can anyone identify the weapon??

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  3. Hog-leg - on a hog!
  4. That Ruger is so a rip-off of the looks of the old Colt Single Action Army Model of 1873.
    So much so that I would be surprised if Colt's lawyers haven't had a word with them.


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  5. I've used one, the short stainless steel version with an American plywood stock. Well made for a spam weapon it shot quite well, but it hammers the shoulder when used in the high seat and is extremeley loud, I'm not used to that in .308. The version I had was alright for driven shoots like German Druckjagd, i.e. used standing, but I prefer to carry an allrounder.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The hawkeye is their new name for the same old rifle, a little lighter but no sodding cheaper. Rugers do have a damn good rep for plain jane no nonsense workmanship but great accuracy with no gimmicks.
    I'd buy more but the prices for the left handed ones in .243 make me want to buy a Zastava and put up with it!
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'm toying with sporter profile Mauser with a floated stock in 7.62 x 51. I may scope it, use as an estate gun for a year then rebarrel for my pet 7.62 x 55 conversion. Just had a nice Zeiss fitted to my Rigby, now I have a new camera I'll get the pics sorted out!
  8. the model 1873 eh?.... and just how long are Mechanical Patents applicable again?
    you better give Messrs Smith and Wesson a bell about some dodgy Brazilians too.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Speaking of 'more guns', I've done some more tweaking of my Howa.

    Having bought the Varmint 1500, I stuck a Quicksilver moderator on it (very good), and an S&B 5-25x56, also rather nice, and then got on of those Knoxx Recoil Reducing stocks, and last but not least, the other week I took delivery of a Roedale Precision Magazine Conversion Kit, thus allowing me to use the Accuracy International 10 round mags.

    Below are some pictures. As far as the mag conversion kit goes, it's the dogs nads, and fitting it was relatively easy after I'd sliced off a small amount of plastic from the stock to make it fit better. The cycling of the ammunition is dreamy, and the mags are bomb-proof. The conversion kit is rather expensive, so one has to dream up all manner of reasons to justify spending the money; mine were: a: can't live without removable magazines, b: it would look nice c: The Roedale one is the only game in town and d: you get something solid that works, and uses superb magazines.

    All in all, it's a loverly, sexy bit of kit I now shoot with, so feel obliged to tell you all. If anyone is thinking of getting a Howa, I'd deffo recommend it, so long as you don't mind waiting for 500 years before yours turns up! Every single component I've stuck on the rifle I would highly recommend for obvious reasons, and it all hangs together very nicely indeed.


    As for the nay-sayers out there who say the package is too heavy for hunting with, I'll respond with "get some exercise you lazy bastards! It's still lighter (much) than an AI similarly kitted out, and they are dragged all over the place when used for stalking people, and not considered to be 'too heavy'. I know it's not quite as accurate as an AI, but it IS one hell of a lot cheaper all round.

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  10. Sorry oh 2 legged guru of things that go bang but

    Pretty it aint . It may shoot lovely but its definitely Function over form :)
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    What can I say, except that I'm not a traditionalist. I feel that, without wishing to make it so, it looks the business rather than a work of art. :D