More Neue Arbeit Police State tactics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Nov 26, 2004.

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  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Top tip don't carry a locking pen knife in your briefcase.

    Oh and if he had gone 10m down the road, had a touch of raod rage and stabbed someone, who would be in the wrong? The copper who let him carrying on with. The law maybe an ar$$e, but it has come from situations that have needed to be tightened up. Therefore giving the Police powers to deal with things. Be aware in London the Terrorist Act allows searches for no actual reason, City of London Police use them daily, so be aware London isn't the place to pi$$ the Police off.

    If you dont like the laws, write to Mr Blunkett get them changed. Especially if you want Samuri sword wielding maniacs cutting about.

    Just like the Forces there are conkers in uniform, there are the same in the Police service.
  3. Typical Spectator - assumes that the core problem with the rozzers is a lack of an 'officer corps'. My arrse. It's the nature of coppers to turn into authoritarian little Hitlers, if they weren't before they went in. Just need to look at our own dear Monkeys to see that. The new powers they have, and the ones on the way, will only make things worse.

    Sounds like the guy who wrote the article is just outraged at being treated like that personally - I bet he never gave a second thought to these things when it was just poor/black/foreign people getting stitche up by vindictive thick plods. And the last poster was right - don't whine about getting done for carrying an offensive weapon if you get caught.
  4. Totally agree if your caught with a tool and someone tries to roll you unlucky Mr Scumbag. But if your pulled over by the coppers take it on the chin it was your choice at the end of the day.

    That said I don't like the sound of these Community, Police officer people.
    Sound like right little weasels.

    Just wonder how Fecked i'm gonna get when one tries fining me for dropping a match stick or something similar when I just blatantly ignore him and keep walking.
  5. Would anything locked in the boot of my car be regarded as in a public place ?

    I understand that it's illegal to carry a knife, but I thought that there was room for a rozzer to have some discretion depending on the circumstances ? having said that if you carry and get caught don't complain.
  6. What is exactly the score on these? (yes I've got one excellent bit of kit too) I often have it with me and it's come in handy many a time (car repairs, household repairs etc we all know how useful multi-tools are but definately not mass murder) the locking feature on all blades and tools is a damn good idea, preventing as it does someone as cack-handed as me from hacking my fingers off. :lol:

    Now as far as I know I'm ok to carry it in a bag here in Germany but does this mean I'm going to have to leave it here when I head off to UK? :evil:

    Have to think of another Chrimbo pressy for my dad now I think :roll:
  7. Having read the article and some of the comments i begin to wonder common sense level of some of our members.

    So carry a pen knife is now an offence. Bullox!

    Scalie, re-read the article or check out the law, a telespoic baton is not illegal to possess.

    Steamy, well what can one say to a die in the wool member of the Socialist Party - We're all to blame, eh!!!!

    Get a grip. The police seriously over-reacted and i have no doubt that their lack of training and supervision, from both senior Constables and Officers is to blame.

    Think about this. How would that have played out in NI if we arrested someone over such a circumstance. Well, under the powers being used by the mainland police, that is how it is playing out.

    The only thing Blind Pugh is doing in creating these new laws is destroying the trust and respect between the common citizen and the Police.
  8. In case law, a locking knife is deemed to be non-folding (idiotic judge), so you can't carry it in a public place without lawful authority (no such thing can be given) or reasonable excuse (ambulance crews can't even carry their rescue knives off duty).

    The limits for a knife are a 3" folding blade if you carry it.

    And what bothers me most about this case is RANDOM STOP & SEARCH of normal people doing normal things at normal times, not stop & search of dodgy people standing in groups in the shadows at night, or acting suspiciously. And the law on offensive wpns in the UK is an arrse (a pepper spray has the same legal status as a flamethrower, since they both are devices designed or adapted to discharge noxious substances under the 1968 firearms act [as amd]).
  9. Plastic Yank -

    errrr, don't quite know why you're having a go at me - I was slagging off the behaviour of the cops in this sad little tale of UK2004. I know from personal experience what they are like, the new rules coming in will be like manna from heaven for a lot of them. They will be able to extend their nasty little habits to the public at large rather than sticking to the scrotes on the estates. Innocent until proven guilty? How 20thC!
  10. Might as well carry the flamethrower then. :wink:
  11. Quite. Although the police would treat it differently, thankfully (there's guidance on this). And if/when they ban replica guns and/or make the carrying of replicas subject to the same penalties as carrying real gats, guess what the small time gangstahz will do??? :roll:
  12. Certainly leave the baton at home if the copper dont like you
    your in trouble the swiss army tool come off it its a pen knife very useful
    carry a gerber myself unless going down the pub.Its amazing how often you need one .espically when you forgot it :lol: .
    The coppers on the cheap community wardens or whatever are a good idea as real officers cant be bothered with truants or people riding bicycles on the pavement or droping fag ends or those countless minor
    problems we wouldnt have if people behaved with common decency
    to one another
  13. Whilst in general I support the police, there are times when they do themselves no favours.

    We have recently had a spate of vehicle break-ins in the car park (40 in two days was the record). The perpetrators (Eastern European pikey types) were spotted on several occasions (and chased once) but the police failed to respond in time to do anything worthwhile. The police officer who is dealing with it wears a fleece jacket with no shoulder numbers; he does not wear a hat, his shoes are filthy and his uniform looks as if he's slept in it. It may be that none of these things affect his job performance, but they most certainly do not inspire confidence in the police. This seems to me to be clearly a fundamental failure of leadership.