More Navy cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yokel, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Blimey, getting 2 new carriers, and decommission any hope of securing them anywhere beyond the UK.

    Surely they realise the support carriers need?
  2. There doesn't seem anything suprising in the article at all.There is no big secret in the fact that Brown and Labour hate the Armed forces,hence the decision the cut the Army when we're in the middle of two wars.
    Cutting the Navy is the easy option for Brown, and the country as it is now couldn't give a f!ck to be honest.
    I also predict that the 2 Carriers won't ever sail under the White Ensign,i just can't see them ever entering service,if they do where will their escorts come from.Oh,the Euro Navy stupid!
  3. Just another Torygraph dig at Liarbour.

    BTW, is there a defence issue which Tim Collins doesn't have an opinion on? Talk about stating the bloody obvious. I wonder how much they paid him for that little gem.
  4. Putin vows to make Russia a military power and then some

    Possibly worth considering before the robbing Peter to pay Paul routine starts again.
  5. I fear that this is just a step in the process to not getting the new carriers.

    The MOD gets no new money. From there they have a choice, they can either have the carriers or rest of the Navy.
  6. A very dangerous and shortsighted decision if this does happen. On the one hand, Brown seems to think that frigates, destroyers, support vessels and minesweepers don't serve a purpose in the current day UK but on the other hand neglects to acknowledge the fact that the Russians and Chinese are in a serious race to upgrade their maritime capability.

    Hey, does the defence of the UK really matter when there are more pressing demands on the Treasury's pursestrings such as hemorrhaging money on an NHS that squanders money and on a social welfare system that rewards laziness and single teenage mums.
  7. When we all have six inches of foreign c0ck up our rings, and have to learn a new language, it will be too late to worry about Defence of the Realm.

    Squaddies may not be major league philosophers, but are capable of recognising a bad idea. No lessons were learnt from having to 'reclaim' ships sold to India to retake the Falklands in 1982.

    Those who argue that there is no conceivable scenario that would require minesweeper FFS, should wake up and smell what they are shovelling.

    Notwithstanding the strategic implications, what about the knock on effect to the UK shipbuilding industry and almost certain job losses such a reduction would lead to. I suppose that once the fleet has been depleted they can argue that there is no need for all the weapons and sensor systems, or the inrastructure to operate and support them.

    Unless the Tories get their sh1t together and field a worthy team, there will be nothing left for the tit in Ten to sell off, and Britain's forces will vanish forever.
  8. I will, on Monday, email Nick Harvey and ask Him to question the Swiss One about this. It will take some time, given the time of year and the probability of a General Election, but we will get one.

    I cannot however help doubting the veracity of this article, given the torygraphs propensity for not telling the truth in past military matters.
  9. BTW Putin ought to put his own nation in order before looking to expand it. Is he a member of ARRSE?
  10. Son of a fucking bitch! This just... it really does almost leave you speechless. Nice to see that Swiss Tony's other part time job as Secretary of State for Scotland hasn't interfered with his job of fighting the Treasury for a decently sized budget or anything. From the way this has come out I'm guessing someone high up the food chain decided to get ahead of events and put it out into the public domain as soon as possible to try and exert as much pressure as is possible.
  11. Sven you are really off the map on this one
  12. Somebody needs to show our new PM a map of the UK an point out that the blue stuff surrounding us is the sea!

    Then they need to take him to the Mine Warfare School in Portsmouth. He will be told how the North Vietnamese kept the US Navy in port by dropping simple, moored mines outside the harbours. In some cases they used sampans to do this! Sampans against destroyers and the sampans won!

    A single freighter transiting the Channel and the east coast could easily shut one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, close our biggest container port, cut us off from the continent and shut down the oil rigs in the north sea.

    All the sweepers operated by the RNR have been sold off and it seems the mine hunters are to go too. WTF are we going to do about mine fields with no mine countermeasures capability? Order frigate captains to go out on suicide missions as in the Falklands? Hang sweep wires off the back of our new carriers and hope for the best?

    Do you think the minister who thought this one up is still smoking pot?
  13. If you can stand a comment from a lurker from the other side of the water no mine counter-measures is a bit nuts, especially if you have any recollection of things that happen in a certain Gulf. We only have 9 coastal (Osprey class) and 14 oceangoing (Avenger) class MCM ships but I believe (not being a sqid) that they do a lot of MCM from the air with the MH-53E helo. Carriers are very nice things to have but they lose a lot of their power projection capability once a really big hole is blown through the hull

  14. Is there one you haven't?