More MTDs in the offing?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Shandy123, Sep 13, 2011.

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  1. With the dust from FR 2020 still settling, I wonder what the situation with MTDs is going to be like in the near future? Will it be 'more than now but still restricted', or 'as many as you can get, several 2 week courses a year, etc...'

    Anyone 'in the know'?

    The reason I ask is I am planning on returning to the TA after a 9 year break (RLC, if they'll have me), and the missus, who currently works a half week as a teacher (job share) said to me, "why don't I go full time and you be a 'stay at home dad', but do more TA for extra income?"

    It'd make an attractive proposition if the numbers were right. She has much higher earning potential than me, were she to go full time, you see, plus we'd save £450 a month in childcare, plus £200 fuel if I wasn't going to work anymore, which is only a few hundred off her current take home wage.
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  2. ******* hell, I wish my wife would do that the lazy bastard!! Then I might actually get some work done restoring those cabinets in me shed
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  3. In our area, not West Yorkshire I hasten to add, the CO has just given us the go-ahead with regards to MTDs after his meeting up with Bde. Might not be the same all round matey. Better to ask where you are before you make the decision.

    Hope it works out for you.
  4. All training has to be justifiable. For National RLC TA extra days are justified as 'in support of ops'. So if you are mobilising or an enabler / trainer you will be allocated extra days no problem, if you want driving courses and Adventrous Training courses, those days have pretty much gone (for now). For you Shandy, you will have a year's worth of recruit weekends and courses before you join the unit. We may be able to get you along on some weekends where possible, but until you come out the other end of the recruit training sausage factory you aren't very accesible to the unit. People are always crying out for volunteers for forward and rear parties and admin support etc. You may be able to assist in these types of tasks early on. Worth speaking to the recruiters on your next weekend or our PSI if you have decided for sure to join us.
  5. My regiment has no restriction on MTD's, non whatsoever, nowt.

  6. Wah ?
  7. Yeah - so it is likely to be patchy, depending where and who you are looking to join?
    I was looking at a national unit. Initially, because I thought I could 'get away' with joining them and keep the missus moderately happy, with me not being away too much due to the reduced minimum commitment.
    So I looked through the National Units, and saw a couple which I thought might be interesting. The more I looked into it, the more I liked the sound of 531 Ammunition Technical Support Squadron, which would give me a chance to use the grey matter and to get about a bit, so that's what I put on the application form (which is now with my recruiter in Grantham). Also, from chatting to people it seems that they deploy on ops, which I'd like to do, but not for as long as some, so that's attractive when I have a young family.
    I guess I'll have to talk to the guys who run the unit. eg PSI.
  8. No wah. The message was do as many days as you want.
  9. If it makes you feel any better, she only blows me at weekends.
  10. **** me i'm in the wrong unit :eek:(

    Wonder if its a Brigade thing, ours still wants to hold back.....
  11. Ours long as it is justified and not just the usual "unit admin".
  12. So your OC, CO and Brigade Comd dont mind signing off every man and their dog for ever increasing MTDs and seeing their yearly allocation of funds disappear by the second quarter? Righto!
  13. Un-related to FR2020 but I have just had 40 taken off me in the last week! I now have to do my PSI(V) job in 207 days or less.
    I have a 3 day/week ADC (156 days)
    Run 20 weekends a year (40 days)
    Run two 9 day battle camps (12 days)
    I am also expected to attend 2 MATTS weekends and a TtT weekends at the factory (6 days).
    I make that 214 days required to fulfill my job description, I've not included a career course in that. Apparently it is something to do with the European working time directive or some such- If I work over 207 days I must get full-time workers benefits such as a pension and paid leave...... which I get in my ADC anyhow. I am confused.
  14. Well we are already half way through the training year, so yes, apparently so.
  15. Don't forget golfing days