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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fish-head, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. There I was minding my own business sitting in the waiting room of my local GP, filling in the suduko some thick twat couldn't do, when I heard some people entering and some noise starting to kick off. Being an upstandnig pillar of the community I looked up too see two women there. A wee short dumpy one, had that downs syndrome short of shape, and a big lofty one.

    So a bit more suduko later I hear this charming noise


    Mong had seem something on the TV that she liked (my doc has a TV, it's posh where I live) and then MLLARRS cam fast and furious. This was enough me lift my head from the Daily Retard or somesuch to see that this noise was not spewing from the wee short fat one, but from the bohemouth that was standing next to her.


    Now what crossed my mind, was that until she spoke I wouldn't have been 100% certain of her mongity. So I then considered just how sick you would have to be to then make a move at forsaid mong, frightening large mong,and slip one up her?

    If my drills were tighter I would have snapped a wee shot of her in those charming mong ankle socks and those memebers so inclined could have cracked one off.
  2. Have you considered the possibility that the short one was a mongtriloquist?
  3. Dr Shipman would have sorted the pair of them out,without breaking sweat
  4. I saw some today when I went out for a walk at lunch, all in a white minibus mlarring at the windows. God I'm glad I wasnt a motorist driving next to them.
  5. fish-head

    I'm not sure the thought of a small mong, with her hand up the skirt of a large Mlarrr would be something i could put in the bank and save up until a long night on exercise!
  6. Fishy, my dear matelot, may I be of some assistance with mong-culling? That Shipman chap was a fantastic fellow. Sterling work, wot wot!?
  7. "Mongtrilaquist"
  8. "Gottleageer, gottleageer.....mmllllaaarrrrrrr."