More money

A report has recommended scrapping the assembly government's support for all Welsh students to pay lower fees than in England.

Welsh students studying in Wales pay £1,200 in fees - rather than £3,000 for students from other parts of the UK - at a total cost of £61m per year.

Students from poorer backgrounds could receive up to £6,000 a year.

Why not let the poor pikeys let the government know how much they need for the year and we (tax payers) will gladly dig EVEN DEEPER, and foot the bill.

There is a reason that there are poor areas, cos all the fckn chav families are content to sit on their arse and sponge off the rest of us that work damn hard to provide a better life for our families.
So...some young person who is very intelligent, and could be the next Einstein isn't allowed a good education because his parents did do well at school, and can't afford to put him/her through Uni??

Grow up.

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