more money please!!!!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mollzers, Feb 25, 2005.

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  1. Hello!

    Does anyone know anything positive about the bonuses for fos, yos, class1 etc etc being brought back????

    I sort of heard something someone said type of thing (if you know what i mean) and was wondering if there was anything substantial about it!!!

    I would normaly have dismissed it as idle gossip, but an actual date was banded about!

    Is there any truth? or should i tell myself off for eavesdropping?????

    After all ARRSE is all about rumours!!!! isnt it?????????
  2. All i know for sure is that it was cancelled the week before my course commenced, and the powers that be seemed pretty sure it wouldnt come back, as studies had shown that the entire purpose of the incentive, retention, wasnt affected by the bonus. Indeed they pretty much said that the Corps had done itself no favours and most people questioned said the money had no bearing on their decisions to stay or go.

    There will eventually be a foundation degree for Supvr IS, as for YofS and FofS (Not sure about Supvr Radio). I think the Corps see this as an attraction for training in a supervisory role, so i'm not sure that the 10 grand will make a reappearance. Besides, after tax and a few years after getting it, would that money still have a bearing on your decision to stay? Doubt it.

  3. But it would still pay for a nice new motorbike after 13 months of misery !!
  4. Thats true. I was going to pay my car off with it. But at the end of the day, i hadnt spent it, was pished of with not getting it for a while, but had far more serious things to be getting on with.

    If a motivator for attending the course is the FRI, people should think seriously about going on it. Screws your tax up anyway.

  5. I hate to quote from this rumour i heard, but if you lost out by a week, depending on what course you are on, you may still be in for the bonus, if the date banded around is to be beleived!!

    (yeah, i know. alot of if's, but thats why i asked if anyone had something substantial!!!)
  6. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Look at the Corps page on the Army website. It tells you exactly, how and why the retention bonus was cancelled. It also explains what would be happening when JPA comes in 2007.
  7. I think that IS Ski Geek was referring to ArmyNet - - go into the R Signals 'community' and read a small piece of info about FRIs.

    I don't believe that FRIs are going to be maintained - they are only used when the retention rate is a problem and I think that it is alright at the moment.
  8. Another part of the More money please argument (for the supervisor trades) is promotion before or after course?

    If you get promoted to SSgt before you start a supervisory course you will end up on about a level 7 Higher band after completion. If you start as a Sgt and get promoted at the end of the course you will end up on a MAXIMUM of level 2 SSgt !!! So in effect you can end up £12 worse off!! Why bother!! I will have gone through 20 months of hell (and so have my family) only to get about a £2 pay rise!! Yes there is the Honour of the title at the end but that means little to the misses (who spends all the money!) But come on £1 a year increase!!

    Things like the bonus make it wirth while if you are a Sgt.

    (Most of the Sgt's are only 1 year behind the guys that are now SSgt's but after the course we will be about 6 years behind!!!) -- Yet another Pay 2000 mistake!
  9. Not sure how you work out that you will be a level 7 SSgt after the course. I'm assuming your talking about the FofS course.

    If you start the course as a tech staffy, lower range, and are on level 7 on course completion, you should map straight accross to level 7 higher (that probably wont happen as the computer cant do it, but if your left short you can collect the difference monthly or let it add up). Being on level 7 at the end of the course entirely depends where you were when you started it. You would have to be on at least level 4 surely.

    Any pay rise for the FofS SSgt at the end of the course is entirely based on the fact that you move from lower to higher range. Its very hard to compare your Sgt counterpart as they are on higher range as a Tech Sgt, and they simply get promoted up the higher range and get next increment up or at least 2 %.

    Oh the joys of Pay 2K.

  10. and that massive extra workload!!!!! for 2 quid!!!!

    people talking about incentives??? and techs filling up the RD roster???

    I have always thought that alot of decisons made up high are done by the same dumbass!!!
  11. Boney in reply to your statement about mapping accross from lower level 7 to higher level seven this until the current courses happened for yofs and fofs. Yofs were promoted to lower band level one ssgt ( minimum), just before completion of course, upon completion they go up an increment at lower level and on appoonitment cut accross to higher level. At the point of cutting accross on any of these promotions they must receive a 2% pay rise, so if they were anything above about a level 4/5 sgt they would go lower band ssgt level 3 take an increment to lower 4 cut accross with 2% rise to about a level 6/7. The fofs is very similar ssgts on the cse are generally lower level 2/3 when starting 18 month cse so potentially 2 increments (now a level 3/4). Fofs is a higher band post so cut accross with 2% and no loss of level to level 6/7. the yofs have now been told that ther will be no promotion to lowerlevel ssgt from now on, so they go straight to level 1 higher band ssgt unless they are a level 7 sgt where they go to level 2. Fofs allow both ssgt and sgts on the cse (probably rightly so) so potentially ther is a £3500 a year pay difference between a sgt on the cse and a staffy promoted a week before starting the cse. It is a Pay cut 2000 quirk which the corps can do nothing about, and like you say some people end up getting cash payments to make differences.
    FRIs have been stopped on the recomendation of the 'independant' army pay review body which as i think i saw is available on a link in a previous thread. To stop all rumours was briefed by a fairly high ranking rodney a couple of weeks ago and they are not coming back. Also in the review under the heading Royal Signals is a paragraph and a half on why no tradesmen in the corps are going to get comms pay which was half promised about 18 months ago.
    Remember people we have had our worst series of pay rises in our busiest decade under a labour government. Thatcher in '83 gave a 33% pay rise and sacked the miners to pay for it, she gave us 7.5% in '89, then major gave about 5% in 92 see the pattern register to vote!
  12. Supvr IS WO1 still on lower band or has that been fixed yet?