More mollycoddling for layabouts!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Aug 25, 2005.

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  1. It could be worse, she could be not dead and lying in her grave. Either option is fine by me.
  2. Yup, I’d have to say that Neet sounds like a PC words for chav to me.

    From that description neets are definitely chav scum.

    Now that is outrageous, why should these chavs be paid to get an education?
    I studied hard and gained a good education off my own back, now I’m a contributing member of society, where’s my free iPod? Why are the lazy rewarded?

    How’s this for an idea to encourage the lazy to get an education/job.
    Take away all their benefits, all of them.
    Take away their council house, their unemployment benefits, etc. and then give them the choice of getting off their worthless backsides and supporting themselves or spending their days sleeping on a bench in the local park.

    The benefit system is there to help those who cant help themselves, not those who wont help themselves.
  3. I'm sure I have a solution to many of our social problems..............subliminal messages on TV.
    They could be used on selected programmes such as "Big Brother" and "The X factor" with messages like:-

    "Use contraception"

    "Get a job/life/haircut"

    "You is not gangsta"

    Yeh, I know its all a bit Winston Smith, but the irony of using "Big Brother" as a vehicle for state sponsored mind control tickles me.
  4. You forgot the most important one…

    “top yourself”
  5. This is wrong wrong wrong.

    If they don't want to help themselves fine. Make a system where the idle are not rewarded.

    Ie. You want the dole and other benefits fine. Report for working parties 3 hours a day on weekday mornings, 3 hours of betterment in class in teh afternoon.

    For every lesson/session missed deduct money from dole. Miss too many and eviction (see just like big brother) simple, cruel and effective. And because it is cruel it is essentially kind.

    Why do I have to pay for things I want to do? BSc with OU paid for mainly by myself (£500-600 a course) with help from the army ILC. Various courses over the years like Plumber and fork lift truck driver paid for by me.

    Admittedly I haven't touched my ELC yet, waiting for it to turn into £2000!!! but where's my fcuking iPOD!!!
  6. Betterment classes? Do they also get embiggening lectures?
  7. Possibly, maybe empowering the mind lessons too.

    Or quickening the mental process.

    Or larging the memory.
  8. Johnny L - embiggen is a perfectly cromulent word...
  9. :D is there such a thing as too much Simpson’s?? :D
  10. A noble spirit can embiggen even the smallest man.

  11. As far as i was aware the justification for the EMA was to encourage poor students (who would normally be forced to leave school to get a job and a wage) to stay on at school and get better qualifications.

    If that is the case, and they intend to expand the policy to tackle the problem of NEET's, then surely their policy is completely flawed!

    If these kids can afford to be out of education, employment or training (and dossing at home or on street corners), then how the feck are they going to persuade them to come to school for £30/week when they get more than that on benefits? :roll:

    more bullsh1t from the govt who punish achievement and reward failure/laziness in their Quest to better society. :evil:
  12. Just think of what can be done if these scrotes are put to work for their wedge like everyone else. Crime figures drop through the floor, no litter on the streets, motorways like autoBahns. What really p1sses me off about these spongers is the sense of entitlement they have to our money. What is more, they become completely dependent on the state to the point where they stop thinking for themselves.

    I have friends who work for Cardiff Council taking care of controlling maintenance on council houses. Some of the calls I've heard of include:

    1. Tenant phoning up to ask when the council are going to install their Sky dish.
    2. Tenant gets new central heating system fitted and rings to complain that it's leaking. Contractor attends to find that the tenant has also put down laminate flooring and put mails through the pipes.
    3. Tenant chooses a new front door, provided gratis by you and I (as always) once fitted she calls wanting to have it changed because it's the same as her neighbours.
    4. Taxpayer fits £8k of kitchen and bathroom and tenant complains because the extra units (which he demanded) obstruct his view out of the window.
    5. Tenant is getting double glazing throughout. Complains that the company (which has to travel from Birmingham to Cardiff) said they'd be there at 0800 and they hadn't shown up by 0815. He states that he lost £130 by not going to work that day and if the Social wasn't paying his rent he'd withhold it. (After a quick set of caclculation they figure that by his account he's on about £40k a year, so they shop him to the benefit fraud people.)

    Leeching tw@ts!
  13. worked briefly with some of these NEEtS stands for not in education employment or training.
    problem is they don't haves the skills even to be a mover
    nobody wants to employ them for obvious reasons
    college and school don't want them as there not motivated
    if somebody wants to work out away of getting through to them lots of people will be very grateful.
    getting 46 out of 50 to finish a course is a brilliant piece of work. if they were anything like the young people I worked with sort of like zombies but without the motivation :(