More MoD waste

About a week ago the Dail Wail ran a story about MoD flushing £500,000 down the pan for "artwork" to hang on their walls.

Reader comment came in fast and furious and I was particularly taken by this one:

Here's a good one...At the end of March, my husband and the rest of his regiment were presented with two sets each of the new 'all-purpose' army kit - a hideous mixture of traditional camo and desert camo which we nicknamed 'the bogeys'. This was apparently designed to replace both everyday and desert uniforms. To my knowledge, he has only worn this kit once, that occasion being todays medals parade in Sunderland.

Now, 7 months later, the regiment has been ordered to hand this new kit in, as it is to be fazed out to allow for the introduction of a new desert kit!

At least when our men are 7000 troops short in Afghan, they will be sartorially elegant.

- It Wasnt Me, Yorks, uk, 22/10/2010 4:33


My own comment was about the squaddie who lost a leg for want of a £50 speciality surgical kit which I am more than certain could have been provided by a US medical unit and possible even delivered by helicopter

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