More MoD waste sanctioned at the top

Project Borona – A journalists heaven

First what is it - it is the pointless and money wasting restructuring of the Army in Germany with some elements moving to the UK at vast cost under a supposed "spend to save measure"; these have never worked! The main impact of the whole project will be to take money that could be used to support families and improve conditions and put it into another pointless HQ move whilst at the same time take families from somewhere they enjoy and get good schooling, health care and dental care to somewhere where this doesnt exist!

The driving force behind it is one man and one man only and his direction to the project team was “I don’t care about reality, just make it happen”. We have to examine why?

Is there an operational reson ??…one has never been articulated as it doesn’t exist.

We could save millions by closing a big base in Germany – we could but the logic fails me – JHQ is purpose built and to close it will require some functions to move elsewhere in Germany– where there isn’t enough office space, nor are there enough married quarters or soldiers accommodation – oops new builds and costs.........

We will get rid of a very bureaucratic organisation called UKSC(G) – yippee a positive step – except we don’t need to close JHQ to do this and the function will have to go somewhere else (there is the elsewhere in Germany flaw again) – or maybe we could restructure UKSC(G) and get enough space in JHQ for other bases to move to JHQ and the surrounding area so we could then close them – oh, no new offices needed, no new accommodation needed, the brand new multi million pound Gyms and Accommodation in JHQ and in oter nearby bases don’t get closed just as they open.

We will leave the Germans in peace without occupying their country any more. Oops we don’t occupy Germany we are guests there and the locals want the British Army to stay. The economic benefits are too good for the local population.

“Those serving in JHQ want to go back to UK as do their families”; not true. Borona will take serving personnel and their families from a place where there are extant working welfare services and a real sense of community spirit backed by good schools; with sound medical facilities and access to dental services and scatter them through little pockets in the worst areas UK where families will have to drive hours to find a dentist, most will give up in disgust. To quote a recent edition of the BFG Newspaper The Sixth Sense, on its front page it carried an article saying that JHQ was the “welfare hub for the British Army and not just that in Germany ”. On the medical side in Germany if your family needs treatment or if a soldier needs treatment then you can chose when it happens, when everyone is sent back then the choice is whether to pay for private treatment or not because you get passed from waiting list to waiting list. I wont even start on schools – but how many UK schools have experience of Daddy or Mummy being away for 6, 9 or 12 months and the effect it has on children? Maybe this is why the award winning army internet site ARMYNET is advertising BUPA and all service magazines advertise boarding schools!

The bottom line is the business case is ARRSE as it is not looking to rationalise and make logical savings – it is meeting one mans desire. Come on Richard admit your analysis if flawed and be honest. Des its in your department, surely your civil service can live up to its remit of curbing military excess – decisions based on flawed calculations through flawed data being provided do not make sound political judgements. What a pathetic waste of money and kick in the morale for those based there.

The MoD will just transfer much of the cost from the MoD budget to that Health Service Budget in UK for health care, local authorities for schooling, policing and other security costs so in reality there is no saving to the taxpayer this is just flawed interdepartmental shop keeping.

Your response to this if it ever gets out will likely be yet another gagging order or letter saying the chain of command really cares. Well the CoC really is CoC when it comes to caring - as CO Paras - Lt Col Tootal identified when he resigned!

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