More medical delays


I had thought all this stupid capita lark was at an end though now I find I have a medical deferral on hand and hoping for info from anyone who has been through this. My medical history shows that at the age of around 7 I was prescribed a ventolin inhaler for a period of around two weeks due to a stubborn case of bronchitis. I have never though had any case of asthma etc and this is my one and only run in with any kind of respiratory problem. I am now knocking on 36 this year and so would of guessed that nearly 20 years on this should have no significance to my application (since even asthma they say you just need to be inhaler free for 4 years). Seems the feking h&s ******* deem this to not be the case.

They now wish to send me off for a lung test which will involve a spirometer, I have seen these before and understand you basically just huff and puff into a box a few times like your after the little pigs and it determines your lung capacity and peak flows etc. Has anyone else done this test and can they offer any advice as to what if any is a passing result?

Obviously this is a tricky question as it could vary from person to person, for my 1.5 I did a 11.33 which I am now down to the 11 minute mark and all set to have that below 10.30 for April which is the next TSC(A) start. I happily knock out 5k at around the 25m mark and am pushing my 10k to under an hour in the next month. From my own view I do not think I have any problems, and never suffer from anything like shortness of breath etc, in addition I do not smoke or work with anything that has unpleasent fumes etc. All logic parts of my brain tell me I am simply being a drama queen and worrying over nothing, so for those who have undergone this am I simply the victim of an over zelous ****** with a clipboard or should I actually be concerned about this test?
Just take the test, get your doctor gripped and ready to write statements to support your application and crack on.

There is nothing else which need be done, so save your huffing and puffing for the test.

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