More Medal Walting perhaps...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HE117, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone tell me if:

    1. UK Officers can wear the Badge of St John under their medals in Mess kit? (Not the medal, the big star of St J) I thought it was only KCB etc..

    2. Can Aigullettes (not sure on the spelling) and Sovs insignia be worn by a Retired Officer(Full Colonel), again in mess kit. Do you continue to wear these having been an ADC?

    3. And are ROs not supposed to wear an R below their rank..(or is this optional)?

    I may need some help from the WaltenKommando on some dodgy medals as well...! Hopefully photos to follow...
  2. Yes, if they are gazetted Knights or Bailiffs of the Order.

    Supposed to but it is actually rare? Never seen it in mess kit ...

    No idea on the aiguilettes ...
  3. they can only wear the sov order if they have unrestricted permission from Aunty betty
  4. Just in case you are interested (and, no, I'm not even a member):


    So it's the least significant "decoration" you can wear. Just one up from your tour gongs. Even if you do get a big gold and enamel star to wear ...
  5. There used to be a trend for those who had served as ADCs to retain the hooks on their uniforms from which the aiguillettes used to hang. Never heard of the aigullettes themselves being kept.