More Luck If He Chucked It At Them

No wonder he`s getting jams letting the ammo belt flap around like that. The rounds are just gonna get dirty and dented. What army is that :?
Hahahah, scary shit. I bet you're glad that you're not top cover in basra or Helmand eh!!! what was the problem in the end, gas parts or feed cover.....
He seemed to know what he was doing but shame there was no number two to ensure belt was being fed correctly. Also rather than having to go through drills to replace spent belt his number two could have fixed fresh belt whilst firing.
Why the f*ck didn't the guy filming him help him out? Cnut! Deffo jams caused by twisting belt - too much fiddling with gas adjuster. If you stood up in a window under fire, fcuking about with a gimpy, how long would you last before being picked off! GRRR

'king WALTS! :evil:

Anyhow, welcome to the forum mukker! :D
gpmgs fireing blanks were always a mare you need a spacer thingy other wise it won't work at all.
never like firing blanks imho
Cracking find HurryUp , Our SF Platoon need to see that.

I did think in the earlier stages , it was a DS filming, you know loads of not very helpful advice, stating the bleeding obvious, or worst still ... laughing :oops:

Wonder why camera guy didn't get some A2 action going while the gunner was trying to sort it? Still well done the gunner on his drills and not losing his rag :D

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