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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by vampireuk, Dec 31, 2011.

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  1. Right you fine people (and sluggy) I've just had a letter come back from my GP that they have now received my medical docs, minus those from the Army. I sorted out the lack of a P45 from them many months ago and it now seems that every single bit of documentation regarding myself has gone missing. No P45, no red book and medical docs vanished. Now unless I'm a complete ******* nutbag I am fairly sure I've done some time in the mob. Can anyone shine a light as to where I should repeatedly bang my head against a wall to have this stuff turn up. Preferably having not gone through a shredder first.
  2. APC Glasgow should be able to help:


  3. Well I was in and I have never fcuking heard of you..............
  4. Ask them if they've got mine as well will you, it's been more than a fair few years now and still nothing. Thanks.
  5. I'm going to beat you like a ginger stepchild for that.

    Toppers knows the full shpeil on how to get your Army med docs. He's offline at the moment, but I'll let him know.
  6. try F O I A that may tilt the yard arm
  7. God damn you all, I gave a sensible & correct answer in post 2. There may be all sorts of ways that people think they can get these things faster for you but all roads will eventually lead to APC Glasgow, you can't avoid it!
  8. My army med docs have been missing for over 4 years and they just shrugged their shoulders at my discharge. Once out, I got a proper medical and eye test which wasnt just a handshake and shown the door.

    Glasgow though were pretty good with sorting my docs, p45 etc.
  9. You are of course right. I needed a copy of my service record, did what you posted and received it back.

    Sadly, the service record I received was incomplete and also printed out totally in black and white, on black and white headed paper with no watermark or other forgery prevention security device.

    I telephoned the APC to question the incomplete service record and was told; "We can only print out what we have on file and sadly there have been three system changes since you left and data has gone missing".

    I then mentioned the ease with which the documentation could be scanned, altered or otherwise forged, and was basically told; "We know, but that is all we have and yes there have been several incidents we know about of people altering their service records".

    Ok chaps, signing awf now as I've got to get cook to make me some dinner before my batman/driver takes me awf to the Speshul fawces club to have drinks with all the other one stars and talk about the days we did the combined commando p company course after we all left 14 int where we had all picked up QGM's and some other gongs for some shhh! work in east berlin.
  10. If that Brown Street in the address is Gordon Brown Street anything you get will be a pack of shifty eyed lies!!
  11. Oi, Effendi, see you in the 'Gloucester' 'bout 8?
    All the 3284 Balcony Guys are in tonight. Your first round?
  12. I sent a SAR to Glasgow for some of my old record and they were very helpful. I'd imagine they'd be equally as helpful when it comes to med docs (providing they can find them). Unlike my med center who just decided I wasn't allowed to see my docs even though I'd submitted the correct paperwork.

    If they are being difficult and once the 40 day time period has expired you can make a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office, you just need to make sure that you have copies of the form you submitted etc.
  13. Again!?

    These reunions seem to get larger every year.
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  15. Perhaps they have all been sent to the Liverpool Records Office. I hope you havent said anything derogatory about Liverpool on this Forum.