More lies from Defence Minister

Armed Forces Minister 'Orange' Adam Ingram has stated that the RMP are in fact investigating 61 allegations of abuse of Iraqis, and not 33 as he had originally said. The Dear Leader also gave the Commons the wrong figures, but then lying comes naturally to him.

Nicholas Soames has asked him to explain why he did not disclose the correct figure in the first place.
Misleading Parliament? That used to be a resigning matter... but then again some politicians used to be gentlemen. :evil:
The man is a lying s**t. He has a long track record of lying.

Incidentally, the MOD response to the HCDC report on Telic has been released. Usual b*ll*cks about "looking into" things. Nothing will change, except for more "gay/lesbian work life balance" events at the expense of capability. :twisted:

Come general election time, when I'm a civvie and beyond reach, I'll be writing to his and Hoon's local rags saying "if you care about the Services, kick these characters out for what they have done". Won't do any good but will make me feel better!
:evil: This is the same minister who kept lying to the House about manning control. Got his numbers mixed up there, too. At least he's consistent. First rule for a liar.

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