More Islamic rantings

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armourer, Aug 3, 2005.

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    Just who do these people think they are ? They'll be wanting 7 days prior notice of raids next.

    Since the suicide bombings, more and more people I know have got p*ssed off with muslims, not so much because of the bombs but for the daily crap muslims are putting out.
  2. So, would it be totally cynical of me to read into this that any Muslim extremist/drug dealer would hide incriminating evidence in ' holy books and artifacts ' , with ' unclad' women, in special purified ' prayer rooms '..will refrain from flushing potentially incriminating evidence while he waits for the coppers to take off their shoes,

    I wonder, what do the Saudi cops/troops do or the Iraqis under Saddam did or the Iranian thought police do when confronting ' criminal elements' in their own bailywicks? they stand around getting proper before entering? Have to wonder if no one ever gets arrested...

    treat them the same way as everyone else, kick in the door, line em up, sort em out at the station, anyone resisting whack up side the head.. if they're all treated like possible scum, Muslim, Christian and jew, then no one can yell racist/anti-semite, discrimination ,etc.. because they got the same treatment as the rest of society..

    either that or I'll start demanding that no one can touch my bible, enter my ' throne room ', or otherwise abuse my ' religious freedoms .'..

    b*ll*x, as they say...
  3. Cannot agree more strongly the phrase 'The lady doth protest too much..' springs to mind.

    Why do some groups of people feel that they are due special treatment, above and beyond what everyone else has, it appears that in this case, the religion is being used as both the weapon and shield, maybe an analysis of what happens in islamic countries is needed in order to draw some comparisons between treatments.
  4. I have been on the receiving end of "diversity" training and apparently by simply treating everyone the same you are discriminating against those who hold different values to yourself. So unfortunately treating all suspects the same is now seen as discriminating against those with special needs. Utter bollocks if you ask me but there is not much that we can do, apart from accept and practice what we are taught otherwise we get branded racists and bigots.
  5. Sky News

    Comments from David Davis make intersting reading, especially the bit about "Britain has a proud history of tolerance towards people of different views, faiths and backgrounds. But we should not flinch from demanding the same tolerance and respect for the British way of life."

    Sensible policies for a sensible Britain!
  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Call me a pedant (cue "You're a pedant"), but since when have guidelines issued by a police force - in this case Bedfordshire - been classed as Islamist rantings?
  7. No, it's one of Armourer's IslamIC rantings (read the title carefully)
  8. I think that the title of the post refers not to the guidelines but maybe the rantings that led to such a way of thinking. Do the 'authorities' now only listen to those who shout the loudest.

    I would go so far as to say that to positively discriminate against one group normally disadvantages another. Whose rights are more sacrosanct?

    Does anyone posting here have any information on the practices in Islamic countries. We should then follow those general guidelines. Do the police in Pakistan have to follow the same guidelines as those issued by the Police, if they can march in and carry out there lawful business without following guidelines such as these, then we should do the same.

    I am starting to believe that the brand of Islam visible in Britain, is far more intrinsically radical than anything elsewhere, could this have a lot to do with socially aware (government monet and counselling brigade) groups tripping over themselves to provide an environment which does not argue, disagree or otherwise upset anybody who might possibly take offence, at anything ever.

    Would the Taliban allow the young radical islamists in the UK, cut there hair, wear western clothes, go around beardless, play sports, listen to music, dance, socialise.
  9. I'm getting really pi$$ed off with this now. If they want to live here they abide by british rule. I'm all for acceptance of different clutures, but there is a line. If they are british then they should also feel the same hurt and anger about what is happening and assist the police where possible, as we do. Why should a muslim women abe allowed time to cover herself if I can't why is she so special.

    Get a fcuking grip, we are all british and we have laws which muslims (and everyone else) either grew up with or if they are immigrants, illlegal or otherwise, they knew about them before they came so they should deal with it or find somewhere else to go.

    hmph, I thought I was a tolerant type, but this is really making me boil!
  10. Bloody disgraceful!
    Why the he11 should Muslims be given special treatment above everyone else.
    All criminal suspects should be treated the same, to do otherwise is simply discriminating against the rest of us and giving Muslim criminals time to destroy any evidence against them.
    Any Muslims who disagree with that can fcuk off back to their own country.
  11. What about those Muslims that are British? Where do they fcuk off to?
  12. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Oh, how silly of me, by "Islamic rantings" I thought that I would be reading the wise and considered words of an imam or mullah.

    Surely a more accurate title would have been "More Anti-Islamic Rantings".

    "Any Muslims who disagree with that can fcuk off back to their own country"

    And if they were born in Leeds Goku?
  13. If they are British, they should accept british law to be what it is, and also feel anger and hurt over the london bombings. If they felt part of the nation then they would be willing to help the police and not hinder their work.

    "I'm sorry mr PC sir, you can't arrest me because its sunday and according to the bible, your not allowed to work on a sunday." It wouldn't work would it!

  14. "We're praying and my wife is in the shower - please come back and carry out the raid in two hours and we'll be happy to oblige. But please don't bring those dogs back, we don't like dirty dogs in our home".

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  15. The Islamic country of their choice?

    It’s unacceptable to hide behind your religion for what ever reason. The laws of our land apply to everyone in the same way, it’s not right to have a separate set of rules for Muslims.

    Any immigrant who can live by our laws and respect our culture is welcome here, any immigrant who is not happy to do that is welcome to leave.