More is spent on jail fare than army food

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. The Scotsman
    More is spent on jail fare than army food

    MORE is spent on feeding a prisoner in jail than on food for a British soldier, sailor or airman, new figures have revealed.

    The disclosure came as Britain's top commander warned Gordon Brown that he must increase defence spending if Britain is to retain its military capabilities.

    Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, chief of the defence staff, told MPs at Westminster that the armed forces are "very stretched" by deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    He is the latest senior military figure to speak out about the government's treatment of the armed forces. Privately and publicly, other defence chiefs have complained about the pay and conditions of service people.

    In an admission likely to fuel those concerns, the Ministry of Defence said that it spends just £1.51 a day per person on feeding servicemen or women in their home bases.

    By contrast, the Scottish Prison Service spends £1.57 per prisoner per day on food. In English jails, the figure is £1.87.

    In a parliamentary written answer, the MoD revealed that the "daily messing rate" (DMR) recorded for each member of the armed forces at their home base or port has fallen since a new catering contractor was hired in October.

    The same statistics suggest that spending on food for frontline troops in Iraq and Afghanistan has fallen by a fifth since last year. Last July, the MoD said spending per day for personnel on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan was £3.11. Now the figure is £2.49.

    Recorded spending levels for Royal Navy personnel on ships at sea have also fallen. In June 2006, the MoD budget said the minimum daily spend for food for a sailor at sea should be £2.14. The new figure, for the first three months of this year, is £1.68.

    Willie Rennie, a Liberal Democrat member of the Commons defence committee, said he was "very concerned" about the MoD's spending on food, and pledged to raise the issue with defence ministers.

    "It is very important that service personnel get the quantity and quality of food they need to do their jobs," Mr Rennie said.

    In a statement the MoD insisted that the fall in the spending figures was caused by different accounting methods introduced last year.

    "The changeover of food supply contractor on 1 October, 2006 resulted in a change in the method of calculating the DMR," the ministry said. "Under the previous contractor, the rate included an element for their management fee, while under the current contract, that fee is paid centrally. The DMR now appears lower, but it still purchases the same quantity and quality of food product."
  2. Prisoners wouldn't get fed by the government, if I had my way.

    They would purchase it themselbes or have freinds and reletives bring it in.
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Not suprising really is it
    Look at the difference in accomodation

    Single soldier
    6 - 8 to a room 1 x locker each 1 x 40 year old bed,
    A couple of sinks and a shower
    Rip off washing machine / dryers
    1 phone per camp

    Single room
    Sky digital
    DVD's and porn
    Comfy bed
    Free phone cards
    free laundery
    choice of meals from a menu
    The right to be addressed by the warders as Mr or Sir lest they get their human rights breached by being treated like a criminal

    If you want decent food and accomodation forget the forces ......

    Kill a kid

    You'll be set for life because even when you do get out you'll be set up with accomodation and help to 'rehabilitate'
    Far better than the forces resetlement of thanks then bye.
  4. Why am I not surprised by this revelation? This accurately sums up this despicable government's view of where the Armed Forces are in the overall scheme - at the bottom and a nuisance.

    I believe it will get worse when Brown is annointed leader.

    Bliar wanted to pose as a 'world stateman and leader', but as his words were so clearly transparent and worthless, he had to join in crackpot and illegal wars at the behest of his dreadful 'best friend' Bush and send 'his' Armed Forces hither and thither like some wannabee Winston Churchill.

    What a frantic berk he is.
  5. I've spoke with a serving marine in Afganistan he told me that the choice of rations is very limited and most of the time when rations do get through to him the same menus are repeated time after time any one else with this experience?
  6. The MOD will point out that an excellent service is provided at very little cost to servicemen and will further state that PAYD demonstrates the benefits of PPP in delivering routine services and freeing up service personnel from non-operational tasks.

    All of this will miss the point that the MOD has not been able to improve living conditions due to lack of funding. Accommodation, catering facilities are all very much luxuries in comparison to funding being required to sustain operations.
  7. I feel another email to my MP coming on. It's even worse for schools I believe. I think our children are allocated £0.37 for one meal.
  8. This really really annoys me for the following reason:

    In the 2007 AFPRB report it recommends that the singley charge for food is £26.31 per week - this equates to £3.76 per day.

    So where is the rest of my money going then if not on food!!!!????
  9. Paying the contractors so they can buy new villas in Spain, of course.
    You lot are so selfish, think of the rich blokes getting richer by stiffing the forces on their scoff. These poeple have second or third mortgages to pay, often in sunny parts of France and Spain. If they don't shaft us, who can they shaft?
  10. What a load of Bollox, you have no idea what yopu are talking about you mong.

    In 17 years in the Army I only lived in a room with more than four blokes in 1 regt that I was in, all the rest were in four man rooms or single bunks, as a Spr and JNCO. If the sinks, washing machine/dryers and number of phones were crap in your unit thats 'cos your QM was a c0ck!!

    In nick only twice did I have a single cell, once when I first went in for about two weeks and the other 'cos they were moving me to a different block the next day.

    you dont get any lockers other than a small footlocker slightly bigger than the army issued ones.

    you are allowed 1 electrical item, if you chose a radio thats up to you, if you chose a playstation thats up to you, it has to be approved by thehead warden on the wing first, but you were only allowed one.

    Sky digital...hahaha you read the Sun dont you!!

    DVD's if you have a playstation or DVD player yes.... thats providing you have a prison installed TV in your cell, which you pay for out of your spends, you have to earn the right to move into a cell with a TV.

    Porn, you are allowed 1 softcore porn mag a month to be sent in.

    Comfy bed..hahaha the beds I slept in didnt have springs, 'cos they could be turned into weapons, just welded on strips of steel, the beds were no different to 40 year old army beds...except not as comfortable.

    Free phone cards...rubbish, they are half price, half the phones dont work, or eat your units at a prodigious rate and ALL your calls are monitored.

    Free laundry, bollox you have to pay someone on the wing to get it done, usually a couple of fags or a phone card.

    Choice of meals is right, half of them are far worse than any army food I've ever had (apart from on the LSL Sir Geraint which was absolutely minging) the only things I tended to eat were Hallal curries and salads, the rest were gopping!!

    The screws call you by your surname... not once did I ever hear anyone called Mr... except sarcastically!!

    admittedly I only did 41/2 months in only two nicks, bit more than you though methinks.... and dont think I am trying to illicit sympathy, i'm just saying that you know feck all about what you are talking about except what you read in the papers.
  11. BELL@ND!
  12. Hmm, are you surprised that the rights of prisoners are held in higher regard than soldiers?

    Why not take the example (from a circular email) of a US sherriff who accomodated his prisoners in tents, in the baking heat. They had running water (from outside taps and showers), food was basic, but nutritious (revolving around baked beans and potatoes), and TV (The Weather Channel). They had plenty to occupy their time, as they broke rocks and worked in chain gangs supporting municipal projects. Funnily enough, the reoffending rate was quite low, and conincidentally, he was always re-elected (as he saved the taxpayer a fortune).

    So, locally elected chiefs of police - gets my vote!
  13. mmm very intelligent post, another sun reader methinks!! werent in the Pioneers were you mate?
  14. I refer to my previous comment
  15. Yes you are an extremely intelligent chap...between the bouts of drooling

    oh hang I'm mistaken, you're just a thick cnut!!