More Irresponsible BBC Actions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tooldtodieyoung, Jun 19, 2007.

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    Did you realise the BBC are now helping insurgents in northern Iraq with their intel??

    Tab down to the bottom of the article above...

    Are you in Iraq? Have you seen any troop movements? If you have any information you would like to share with the BBC you can do so using the form below:

    I have replied saying my license fee should not be used to aid insurgents.

    Please feel free to tell the BBC what they can do with their crumby reporting on the cheap, get their reporters into their body armour and armoured vehicles and get out and find out for themselves.
  2. Bloody hell. What is going on?
  3. I saw one of them green Army thingies on the M4 this morning. Definitely heading south or was is NNE? Must have been heading for Iraq anyway.....

  4. Seems to me they are reporting what the septics want them to report.
  5. Left a comment, won't hold my breath waiting for it to be posted.

    thought you were clued up on map reading - you turn right to go to Iraq ( unless you live opposite)
  6. I have just posted the following:

    I don't expect a reply either.
  7. I posted the following but do not expect it to be published they have 0 comments so far I wonder why!

    As an Army wife I am shocked and dismayed that a large corporation such as the BBC is asking people to report our troop movements on an open forum which could be read by insurgent forces and/or their allies! Surely if you want reporting done you have staff who are able to do that for you otherwise why do we pay over £100 in license fee's?
    This is a complete breach of both operational and personel security for every single member of our armed forces serving in Iraq and I would hope that you would have enough sense to remove this entire topic along with any similar ones from the website.
  8. As an immediate action, why not just bombard it with made-up details of troop movements. Confuse the f*ck out anyone who tries to use it for Int.
  9. Posted;

    How the bloody hell can you justify asking for troop movements? This is an incredible outrage against operational security, endagering the lives of countless members of Armed Forces on deployment.
    The BBC should be ashamed of itself, and i would like to see something better done with my license fee than effectivley funding terrorists, thank you very much.
  10. Just posted a note to the same effect as the above. I did think about sending them a 'genuine' one, calling myself O B Laden or similar 'the infidels are 20km north of Samawa heading due east'..... But then again maybe SO19 would be waiting for me when I get home...
  11. I posted them this:

    Dear Aunty

    I am not in Iraq but I thought you might be interested to know about the following poop movements. Every day at around 1000hrs I stuff my pie hole full of tea and toast. As it pushes it's way into my gizzard it forces down my breakfast which in turn pushes down on lastnights tea which pushes out a large poo from my bum. It feckin stinks. You can use it if you like, mind you I want a share of the licence fee as it's better than the drivel that you normally broadcast.

    Hate you

  12. Posted this:

    Are you clowns at the BBC actually serious. Would you also like the names and addresses of the soldiers involved in case your insurgent mates want to pop round their house for a swift beer after the battle. Should you wish to witness troop movements join the Army and get some in. Otherwise stop trying to compromise our Armed Forces and our allies.

  14. Two hopes of them displaying it though.
  15. oh i am sure the unbiased BBC cough cough, would quiet easily find some disgruntled insurgent to complain about the UK forces there and use it to run down the soldiers on the ground.