More Iraq investigatory shenanigans...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cpunk, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. cpunk

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    I suggest everyone blames Blair,
  3. I think the whole thing sucks. There a couple of things, the article claims the continued of existence of the enquiry team may be politically motivated, but who by?

    I can't see it being in the national interest to have the army's reputation besmirched to I can't honestly see the Tories wishing it success and the Labour lot would be happy if the war was never mentioned again by anyone, ever, so perhaps it is the Lib Dems backing it.

    Secondly, were the QLR really disbanded? It is a very loaded word; amalgamated somehow, surely.

    I think the idea of a private firm being involved like this is a disgrace.
  4. One of the problems with stuff like this is what counts as abuse? Different people have very different views. What was done to us after capture on escape and evasion exercises can be considered as abuse/torture, depending upon who you ask. I have a suspicion that this will be yet another very expensive waste of money that will do far more harm than good.
  5. A 'suspect' is arrested and 48 hours after being in British custody is dead. He is found to have sustained 96 injuries and have been asphyxiated.

    An investigation finds that soldiers have closed ranks to prevent proper scrutiny. The options are therefore to let the whole thing go or allow anonymous submission of evidence.
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    Yes Sir, It was the geezer in the black blazer, he told me to do it.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Well I for one am happy to confess to abuse in Iraq. I was regularly party to tasking ill-equipped soldiers with poorly defined missions of little or no relevance to the overall success of the operation in the belief that my government knew what it was doing. It was a gross abuse of trust and if the putrid scum who constitute our political class ever feel the need to examine that properly, and without pre-empting the outcome of the enquiry by fixing the enquiry panel membership, I will give them every assistance.
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  8. How was he arrested? Did he submit quietly or was force required?
    BTW, is any equivalent inquiry happening about this happening the other way about?
  9. Shock horror, Police ask public for information regarding ongoing investigation?

    Why is this a story? Clearly, someone had a lie in, had a dateline, and decided to fudge it.

    Poor reporting.
  10. I am not making any judgement calls. The enquiry has concluded that soldiers closed ranks. The only way of thus obtaining further evidence - if indeed there is further evidence to be obtained - is via anonymous submissions.

    I strongly doubt it will turn up anything credible. I do think there is a danger of a McCarthy style witch-hunt ensuing, although this seems unlikely.
  11. A very cynical mind might suspect that all this froth about abuse is being whipped rather briskly by people with an agenda as a means of deflecting anger away from said failings itemised above on the part of HMG.
  12. If so, I hope it backfires and the scum get some comeuppance.
  13. Still, congratulations to whatever member of the Maroon Machine who managed to get the enquiry called "I, Hat".

    All the best,