More Insights from the Boffins - Men ! Who Knew??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. How full a man's stomach is can dictate the type of woman he will fancy..Brit researchers made a study of 61 male university students [ so research is suspect to begin with ] and found that those who were hungry were attracted to heavier women than those who were satiated...the hungry man paid less attention to a woman's body shape. Evolutionary physchologits call it survival preference.

    What men look for in a mate is the best chance for healthy offspring [ yeah right.. ] and when food is scarce, a heavier woman is a a safer bet [ for breeding or for lunch ? ]..more studies on how hunger affects female attraction to males is underway..

    dunno 'bout you, but hungry or not, I'm looking for the more lithe bit o' fluff with a good set of norks and a shapley fanny not how many pounds she's carrying to protect us during a famine..

    on a related thread more Boffins have concluded:

    " according to research, attractive parents are 74% more likely to have a daughter rather than a son as their first is an inexorable process that has resulted in women becoming increasingly more attractive than men. This is because of differing evolutionary strategies that each sex has adopted to survive,"...

    " beautiful parents have more daughters than ugly parents, because physical attractiveness is heritable and because daughters benefit from attractiveness more than sons.. women are, on average, more attractive than men..

    this from the Journal of Theoretical Biology in an analysis of 20,000 people..

    so that's why there are so many hot babes walking around for the taking and you see some right beauties dangling off the arms of guys who look like they met a tyre iron in the dark..

    so, good looking fat birds should have it made just before lunchtime in getting the guy to give her the eye...or something like that...

    love these scientists and their abiltiy to squeeze ' research funds ' out of some gullible government office for ' studies ' like these..

    'course it all holds true in my case as my daughters are absolutly stunning [ as is their father ]...
  2. It takes a scientist to tell us this?
  3. They should do a study on how ugly women become beautiful 10 minutes before the club closes....
  4. Rubbish, I'd never find a fat bird attractive :)
    No thats a lie. I have done in the past and probably will do again.
    But thats only when ive got my beer goggles on.
    Nothing to do with the contents of my stomach, which by then is probably filled to the brim with a kebab or a strange looking foreign meal.
  5. I boldly volunteer myself for the field work.
  6. I'm usually peckish after a night on the beer. That'll explain my preference for hippocrocadillapigs whilst shiters. It's not the beer that's blurring my vision, it's because I'm hungry! :D

    Science-it has its uses after all!
  7. This is taken to the logical extreme on the Iberian peninsula -- the women are spectacular yet the men hanging on their arms look like extras in a cheap 1950s B horror movie.

    This is true, at least, until the women grow corpulent after having provided their Catholic ration of children.
  8. I had noticed that after some extensive research here. The area round the med is the worst, though up here in the North-West the middle-aged gorillas are less prevalent.
    Good job I'm not Catholic though :D