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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DaPs, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. I got deferred until next december due to putting down migraines on my medical forms.

    So i decided to appeal the decision, and spent £15 on a letter from my GP which said something to this effect:

    My patient has no history in his medical records of migraines.

    The medical staff then proceded in keeping me deferred and asking for ''more information''.

    What more information do they need? I have no history of migraines on my medical records, so what is my GP meant to do? There is no information there to give.

    Any info or help reatly appreciated,

  2. How about, WTF did YOU put Migraines on your form?
  3. Not really helping are you Arsey? If you cant contribute then dont hit submit!

  4. Eh freedom of speech springs to mind and he does have a valid point!!!
  5. Serious question, why did you put down Migraines on your form if you have not been diagnosed with them in the past? Have you had headaches and assumed they were migraines? or is part of your medical record missing?

    Imagine you are the Doctor reviewing the application you made application, what would you be asking?

    I suggest you get an appointment with your Dr and get a consultation written that explains the discrepancy, you explain why you put it down, the Dr adds it to your record - even if it was 'patient assumed he was getting migranes, (then adds his own best guess as to what was going on) , the Dr gives this additional info to the army, you then get in or not.
  6. Its not a random question Daps's problem is ongoing (search back). He knows he was an idiot to put that on his form. Now it has moved on, so those that can help please do so.

    The rest can STFU and go to the Naafi. ;)
  7. Hi DaPs,

    Sorry to hear about your current situation, I don't really have an answer. More of a suggestion.

    You said you have appealed this, perhaps contact your Career Officer talk with him/her about other possibilities, or even try contacting the relevant People (within the Army) explain the error on your part, maybe just maybe they might reconsider? Best of luck.

    I hope you manage to get some answers.

    I hope mind goes through ok now....