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More idiots drown 'saving' their dog

Could one of them qualify for a Darwin Award, two people who cant swim attempt to save an animal that can?

She had already popped a pup out, no mention of the father in report though.
My girlfriend comes from near Wrexham, there must be something in the water that makes them grow bouyancy aids. Oh wait, no gf's boyancy aids will definitely help her float as silicone is lighter than water right?
Look at him, look at her, I would not be surprised if he was water boarding her after finding her full of another mans porridge, slipped, in went the 2 of them and the dog jumped in to help.
One of the linked reports above has the line:

"It’s speculation to say whether or not the dogs have gone into the river and one or both of the couple have gone in to save the dogs. We haven't got a witness to confirm that"

So it may be that one of them fell in, the other dived in to get them and when neither emerged, Rover thought 'this could make getting dinner tonight a bit awkward' and ran off to get help...

Are we on the verge of getting a follow-up 'Dogs survived since at no time were they in the river' headline, I wonder?

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