More Hoonism's (or Mongisms?)


War Hero
Geoff Hoon today said, "We should not believe the observations of armchair generals, commentators, who were suggesting that this was a short campaign.

"I said clearly this was going to be difficult, it was going to take time."

Now Ex-fecking-cuse me, but it was the 'armchair Generals' like us here on this forum, that told this ****** that it 'wouldn't' be a quick few days war wasn't it?

Blair and Hoon wanted us all to believe that this would be a few days war then back home for tea, but we all know that FIBUA, which was obviously how the Iraqis were gonna play it, would never be a few days work. All Saddam has to do is ask the IRA how they beat Blair and Hoon and they would win at least a settlement.

These tossers have played politics with our lads lives, and continue to do it.