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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shaka, Oct 29, 2006.

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  1. What a load of sh1te watch the video clip the "victim2 is wearing protective shin pads and elbow pads for martail arts or similar. Probaly been made up by the lads involved to get some beer tokens for the end of the month
  2. Our source said: "New guys are abused by senior officers and told to do their shifts, make tea and coffee. This Fusilier stuck up for himself and refused. The corporal told him he was going to be battered. He said the PO kit would at least give him a chance. Afterwards he had to do sentry duty even though he was in pain."

    Pile of p!sh...
  3. It's these ********* who send in the images that get me. If they are so incensed, why not hand the images and a witness statement to the police. Even better, why not stop it instead of filming it for 60 seconds. That way the Army can ensure that this type of incident is dealt with properly and that the individuals responsible are not tried by the media, which more often than not ensures that their barrister will get them off with it, resulting in papers like the NoTW accusing us of 'cover ups' and allowing the guilty to go free.

    I have no idea why you buy this sh*te anyway. Same with the Sun and the Daily Hate. I wouldn't line my budgie cage with them.
  4. I love the ending of the article...

    But, hey, why let that get in the way of a good story.
  5. I don't even bother worrying about this sort of crap from our highly responsible media bretheren. Don't even know why I am taking the time to write - suffice to say, they're all irresponsible scum.
  6. So, to summarise;

    Cpl tells Pte to make the brews, Pte tells him to fcuk off. Cpl issues him with PO kit and gives him a slap. Pte now understands the rank structure plus has first hand knowledge of how effective (or not) public order kit is. The balance is restored.

    Not a great portayal of the RHF and it does us no favours but why dont the News of the Screws print articles on how the troops are getting a kicking by the ragheads?
  7. "New guys are abused by senior officers and told to do their shifts, make tea and coffee."

    Senior OFFICERS? I've personally never had to do the CO's shift...
  8. Do you honestly expect the NOTW to get the facts right?

    I know it's dodgy ground, and I respect PTP's views on it regarding commenting on it, but the other case going throught the courts at the moment regarding alleged 'incidents' quoted a Senior Aircraftsman (aka Scrote/Private/AB) as a Senior Officer also earlier on in the week.

    Journalistic integrity at its finest.....
  9. Why the **** is it a problem they are just having a laugh. He is wearing P.O. kit. I also know the location and its three month old footage....
  10. Boss, it's a problem because some people have got issues with HM Forces (standfast the RAF!) being aggressive and probably choked over their lentil and brown rice brunch when they heard about this.

    Of course, if it were a student who told a teacher to fcuk off, there would be outrage.....
  11. The News of the World is a rag, edited by someone calling himself a 'journalist', owned by someone who stirs up racial hatred and funds his media empire through lies, manipulation, dividing people and this sort of barrel-scraping rubbish.

    I agree with Biscuits in that it should have been reported. If the individual who filmed this and submitted it to the NOTW got rewarded - he should be banged up for a while to ponder his actions, along with the tattooed tosser dishing out the not very 'savage' attack.
  12. Good though this forum is, the best way to get the message across to the editors is to write to them and correct their pathetic mistakes. Not saying it will work or work quickly, but in our line of business we tend to attack the adversary rather than just slagging them off. Why don't we all just get back to first principles and give the editors some (written) incoming?
  13. actually there is a good reason to buy the Daily Mail/Hate today...Too late the hero DVD free inside.