More help, Liverpool Regt Colours this time


Evening all.

Further to this thread (clicky), I'm now finally getting my arrse in gear and sorting my Great Grandads medals out. Being an alpha-male that is familiar with all forms of power tools and other instruments of creation, I'm going to knock up the piece myself.

What i'm stumbling on is a suitable colour scheme for the mounting. I've tried google to death.

He served with the Kings (Liverpool) Regiment in WW1 (see the linked thread), which later became the Kings Regiment we all know and "love" :D

Did they have a stable belt back then, or any form of Regimental colours? (WW1 era please). If not, i'll consider Kings Regiment colours (advice on those as well please), but i'd rather keep it authentic to his Regiment and service.

Cheers in advance.
went to liverpool life at the albert docks last year and they had .. NAVY BLUE... (very dark) however it could have been the age of it ( standard ) hope that helps a little.


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I beleive, and I am not 100% but I think the Kingos colour is Navy Blue. My mate was a Kingo for the full hit, so I will ask. PM me for the details if you want pal
Their officers used to wear a blue RN type shirt in barrack dress circa 1991.


Thank you muchly, people.

Navy blue it is then. Pity it's a single colour, I'll just have to use a bit of "artistic licence" to brighten it up, with a couple of neutral colours in the mounting boards.
Battle Of The Somme, 1st July 1916, copy of Operation Order map of the trench lines etc. for the 20th Kings Liverpool. The location is Maricourt by the D938 road from Albert with Baupaume to the NE, and near to the present A!/E15 Autoroute. Google Maps brings it well, and at the closest you will see some ground markings.


And another thing..........Here is the outline of the 20 Bn KLR history during 1914-1918 giving locations, actions, etc. largely taken from the original War Diary. If you cannot open it in Word, can you get a mate or relative to do it and take a print. If not ask and I'll see what I can do.


Good spot on that. It was a dark blue belt with a central crimson stripe. The stripe was carried over to the King's Regiment belt along with the green from the Manchesters upon amalgamation.

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