More hazards of the teleprompter(s) for POTUS

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. In a continuing effort to hold our establishment media and current administration accountable to the same standards of presidential gravitas and erudition that have been applied (often with a particular vengeance) to previous presidents I found this recent gaffe (2X!) of POTUS illuminating. It is especially galling given He is the Commander in Chief and one would think He would at least be conversant with basic terminology.

    And to save some time for my usual critics, I again state that I am a Constitutional conservative, non-partisan observer. I prefer this to the imprecise pejorative "right wing" moniker usually attributed to me (when my accusers are being polite at least! :D ). This means I am not strictly neutral in my observations in that I have already said I am conservative but I do try to be principled and, subject to my apparently deteriorating middle aged memory, consistent.

  2. Err, wot 'e said. (I think).
  3. :)
  4. Ah, c'mon, JJ! You're attempting to bullshit bullshitters here. It's quite obvious that you don't particularly like Mr Obama or agree with his policies. That's your right, but don't pretend that you're even halfways impartial. The "right-wing" epithet that you find so pejorative has to be perceived in a "European" sense and I'm sorry but you're saddled with it.

    But back to the plot: so Mr Obama mispronounced the word "Corpsman", twice. That doesn't seem to tie in with any dependence on teleprompters, since he'd have read it and still mispronounced it. But I wonder if he was thinking of the "nukular" threat or his visit to "Bohtswaaaana" at the time. Or maybe his er, "message to the union, or, um, the American people ... er, state address to the country, people, or whatever you want to call it".

    I'd also be interested in how many other non-military Septics would know how to pronounce "Corpsman" correctly.

  5. Ahh, but you illustrate the difference. Bush says Nukular and its fodder for years worth of merriment

    Mulatto Mouse says Corpse man and it's "Oh dear why berate the man, Can we swallow some more of his Bukkakke please".....
  6. JJ, he's about as impartial on this subject as Fox News...........
  7. Erm....did I not already acknowledge this..."This means I am not strictly neutral in my observations..." I did try to save you some time. I would also add that my disapproval of our current masters and Him in particular has nothing to do with his color, national origin etc. as some have tried to ascribe to me in the same fashion that discourse in this country is now deflected or stifled by baseless accusations of racism or bigotry. :D

    As for septic pronunciation of the word, it depends on where you look-I would not expect our typical Wal-mart denizens to know but of course they did not go to Hahvard.
  8. You've almost won me over........... :D
  9. JJ- when there enough apparent "Obamaisms" to literally fill a book (like there was with his simian predecessor), let us know. Until then, stop trying to be funny; you're not any good at it at all.
  10. all i can say to this is "good evening, im Ron Burgandy?"
  11. Nuclear is a word in commonly used in the English language.

    Corpsman is a term used exclusively by the USN and USMC and even then mispronouncing it is a long, long way from referring to military uniforms as "costumes" like the Great Communicator (and newly discovered liberal pansy) , Ronald Reagan did.

    Furthermore, what do you think the odds are that Obama is going to continue to refer to corpseman for the next 3/7 years as Bush did with "Nukular"?
  12. Obama will go down in history as the man who f*cked the USA or as the first Black US President to be assassinated.
  13. Bush went to Yale (where he did a lot better than Kerry, incidentally). It seems that a good education does not equal an ability to speak well in public.

    As it happens, Bush is a far better speaker than Obama ever will be. The magic negro relies on the teleprompter becase he's fundamentally incapable of thinking on his feet whilst operating his mouth at the same time. Bush (unlike almost all British or American politicians) frequently opted to speak without the assistance of someone writing everything down for him first.
  14. In spite of my well known disagreement with POTUS (and even more so his minions, handlers and backers) on many issues, I fervently and sincerely hope the latter never occurs.
  15. Perhaps. I still say it is a bad thing.