More H+S carp.This time for Plod.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. so sad but so true....

    I had to attend a 2 day H+S course with West yorks Dibble, we were trained in the dangers of climbing a set of 3 rung step ladders....made serving in Northern Ireland and Bosnia look easy ( like feck)

    The shoite thing is, if we attend a job which needs something higher than a 3 rung ladder we have to call for someone who is " rope access trained" Total shoite of the first degree when you're an ex squaddie with operation tours under your belt. We are now in such a Namby Pamby state.
  2. There are some who wonder why our former unreserved respect and trust in the Police, has been diminished.

    Who will save this country from the abyss into which we seem to be galloping?
  3. A friend of mine who owns a hotel was sued by his sous chef who had cut himself very badly while boning a joint. The sous chef won his case because the hotel could not prove that he was trained to use a knife as he was already fully qualified as a chef when he joined them.
    So, if you want to avoid being sued by people using ladders you send them on the appropriate course, it may be daft but who is really at fault? If people weren't so quick to sue over every little mishap in their lives H&S wouldn't send us all on daft courses.
  4. I once tried to pull down a couple of plastic boxes from a high shelf in B&Q. Of course, they fell off and cut the bridge of my nose. After my workmates had finished laughing, they told me to sue B&Q, but I wasn't willing to stand there in a court and say "I am such a tw@t I couldn't even get a box down without nutting myself". I am merely surprised that so many people feel so little embarrassment when confronted by the prospect of easy money.
  5. Unfortunately the General Public are a bunch of cnuts. All due to the fact that NuLabour have continued to install an ethos of: 'Do as little as possible, but look for the biggest free reward'.

    In the New World it's just us mugs that have self-respect and personal pride that work for a living. The rest are just a bunch of sponging and free loading cnuts.
  6. Surely he could be done for lying about his qualifications....
  7. IIRC the judgement had been around the fact that you can't assume qualification and knife skills aren't specifically taught in catering college. The hotel had not specifically trained him themselves, all down to records and, in my mind, one of the biggest loads of bollocks I have ever come across but that is modern day Britain for you.
  8. Oh God, another course I have to go on for working in the cadet stores!!! I can get the little darlings to put up radio masts and track crossings for telephone cables, but I can't climb a step ladder????

    Hang on I was trained by British Telecom back in the 80's I wonder if that's still current?

    Or...How about employers start getting employees to sign waivers stating that if they fall of ladders that they climb if not trained in their use, they don't go suing the company? I'd sign that tomorrow (or is that later today?)
  9. I work in the Railways.If a lightbulb needs changing in my reception,office or mess room I have to phone a control centre which is 250 miles away,who in turn contact a "qualified" engineer to carry out the work.
    I thought they were taking the p iss when I first started,I was going to change one myself just by standing on a chair.F uck me,I thought I'd seen some mental behaviour in the Army,the railways takes the biscuit.