More grief for the BNP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer (c) Auntie.

    Whilst the Electoral Commission has stated that no one should pre-judge the outcome of their investigation, If I saw that auditors statement on any set of accounts, I'd run away very quickly.

    Not being one to pre-judge, this couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of cnuts, sorry I meant to say people.
  2. This may be, but the sad reality is at the moment they still enjoy the largest support they have had in years and stand a very good chance of having at least one MP elected on May 6th.
  3. I don't like the BNP, but does anyone else find it interesting that an investigation that started in January becomes public knowledge in the middle of an election campaign?
  4. Haha yes that is a bit interesting isn't it :evil:

    However I'm going to wildly (and correctly probably) generalise here and say that the kind of people considering voting BNP won't be in the slightest bit put off by this news at all, if indeed they are even aware of it.
  5. Labour's coffers are £18 million in the red, but I don't suppose that's as interesting. I always thought it worrisome that a party who can't keep it's own financial affairs in order should be put in charge of the country's.
  6. I love the way the National Debt Helpline ad appeared beneath your post :)
  7. Perhaps we could learn from the FA on this one (for a change). Everyparty in the Red (ahem, not Labour but you know, sh1t at handleing money) starts on a pre-set handicap of votes.

    After all, as said, if they ar so sh1t at handleing their own monetary affairs, why on earth should they be trusted to run amok with the nations finances? See current incumbant for details.
  8. Yep, let's go with that. Or maybe we should state that a party can only go into debt for x months and is then obliged to sell assets to clear the debt, or be closed down.
  9. The cynic in me isn't at all surprised at this. Just the latest of a series of atempts to put a spanner in the BNP's works.
    I'm not a fan of the BNP but they are a democratically supported, legitimate political party here in the UK. The bit that is a very poor reflection on British democracy is the atempt to politically knobble a legitimate party.
    Don't like the BNP? fine, counter their policies with debate and policies that the electorate want. Thats the whole point of democracy. Instead we see a quiet little campaign to knobble them, it reflects very badly on political freedom within the UK
  10. I wholeheartedly agree with you Jagman.

    Yes I abhor the BNP and its views.

    But the 3 main parties think the best way to combat this is by simply disregarding them as racist & trying to knobble a party that polled an alarming amount in the last European elections. To say "they are racist" does not go far enough in combatting them.

    I'd love to see Cameron/Clegg/Brown counter the BNP by actually examining their proposed policies, before showing why each one wouldn't work and then ridiculing them. Like they do with each other.
  11. I would like to see mainstream politicians examaning what it is about BNP policies that attracted a million voters at the EU elections.
    The BNP's rise is entirely down to a fingers in the ears attitude of the main party's, if politicians delt with the issues then perhas the issues would be resolved without the electorate feeling the need to vote for Griffin.

    As you say, its easier for them to shout about the nasty BNP than it is to actually do anything constructive. Unitl that attitude changes the electorate will continue to feel their options are limited and in 5 or 10 years we may have a big problem on our hands.
    Current mainstream politics seem to believe if they ignore the issues long enough the electorate will get used to it and it will eventually settle for multi-culturism etc
  12. I fear we may have a problem this election potentially.

    Frankly, it isn't something that the Liberal Democrats or Tories will need to worry about in terms of political challenges, which is why they should take the time to rubbish the BNP policies. Any gains will be at this government's expense. Because a lot of BNP voters are white, disaffected working class men, once the bastion of the Labour vote.
  13. I`m with the BNP stance on the `Sexy Miss T' compo case!!!
  14. IIRC the Labour party accounts were signed off by a man who is married to the Deputy Head of the Labour Party in 1997, whilst certain donations were exceedingly suspect, during the Cash for Honours scandal, and involved in the donations of £630,000 from David Abrahams which involved his wife during the Labour Deputy Leadership campaign. This man, Jack Dromey, Deputy leader of the Transport and General Workers Union, now known as UNITE, was Labour party Treasurer, and a member of the NEC of the Labour party. He is now standing for election as an MP having been "co-opted" to represent Edgbaston.

    If any accounts have been dodgy, and any one man responsible for the fiddling going on in Labour's books it is he. I wonder if the Electoral Commission have investigated him fully? Surely the influence of UNITE on the Labour Party, and its funding arrangements deserve greater scrutiny.

    Its only corruption if it isnt Labour Corruption!

    I dont support the BNP, and find their views abhorrent, however the timing is extremely unfortunate, and if its good enough to examine the BNP accounts more closely, shouldnt they also investigate the Labour Party
  15. Did the black helicopters come for bobthedog as he was finishing that sentence? 8O