More government waste - £2 Billion to 'climate aid'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Well, someone's got to tell those starving African children to use energy efficient light bulbs!
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  2. Another excuse to rob the UK of cash to fund a wedge of foreign types who wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire, but will take everything the twats in government throw at them, to be fair, so would I, in their position.

    Having said that, when the oldies in this country are being fucked over by the state, every household is paying for enviromental shite that no real science can demonstrate as true, or even vaguely accurate. It would be delightful to see the absolute *****, who inhabit Westminster, the quango's and the civil service, forced to watch their elderly relatives put into shite folk's homes, their goods and chattels sold off to pay for their care, and their pensions raped to pay for the third and fourth generation unemployed.

    The quicker a day is arranged for leading politicos to be publicly raped by trained Donkeys, when voted out of office, the quicker, I would suggest, we will see a return to MPs who actually represent this country first and look towards the interests of their constituents.

    Does anyone on this site really wonder why voter turnout is so low?
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  3. We can't give our own public sector staff pay rises, they won't honour our pensions but money is no object when spent elsewhere.
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  4. Jarrod, its to prove to the bearded, cardigan, sandal wearing treehugging ***** that Oh look arnt we soooo green and here's two billion to throw a the third world so their corrupt govt can buy some nice shinney new Merc's and pools for their pads...the *****.

    I have been a Tory since Birth......I have just joined UKIP, I will be in due course letting the Conservative party know this!
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  5. I look forward to the Autumn statement, cuts across various government departments, a squeeze on resources and cuts to those that receive benefits. Maybe just maybe the voters will realise that the current parties don't represent their wishes and its time to move on.
  6. Voting just encourages them. Dfid changed there remit by any chance.
  7. Jarrod,you've unknowingly solved your own fiscal problem!

    Hop a flight to Lagos,and join the Nigerian Heath Service,they have got to be on shitloads per annum,with the amount of UK taxpayers money going over there! :w00t:

    And,they do say Somalia,is nice this time of year,could be an alternative,mate! :crazy:
  8. The worst part is the money they give away is borrowed anyway! So we hand it out to the Jo' Fo's & pay the interest on the loans as well. I bet Guy Fawkes would think the parliament of his time that he wanted to blow up were actually not anywhere near as bad as the twats in there now.
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  9. Any chance we can bring Guy Fawkes back?
  10. Is it more or less cost effective than human sacrifice though? Seems like a similar principle at work (ie cultish bullshit & power over the masses scam) - merely 'updated' for modern audiences, just pay the man & hey presto no more scary weather.

  11. On now, and it's more cuts at home to pay for more Mercs in Medellin.
  12. Think of it as a modern form of Danegeld. If we can manage to achieve improvements overseas we'll not see the mass exodus of starving millions heading for the bright lights. I'd rather we sorted out sub-saharan africa with £ now than have my boys digging in on the Med coastline in 20 years time to repel the invasion fleet. Does rather presuppose that our cash actually makes a difference. Some does, African GDP is rising - but its still an utter pit of corruption. If they were actually going to fix that then frankly I'd be willing to pay even more.