More Google Earth tinfoil hat fun

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Speedy, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. For those of you on broadband and with a copy of Google Earth take a look at what I've found. First find Area 51, don't bother trying to see anything of interest, as there is sod all to see (take a look at the SkunKworks in Palmdale for some nice things though).
    Once you've found Area 51 and said 'Oooh! thats a long runway' to yourself, zoom out and take a look over to the SW in the next vally. WTF has been going on there then!!!
  2. Assume you mean the underground nuclear testing grounds there Speedy

  3. Your cards are marked Speedy. Beware men in dark suits and sunglasses bearing gifts.
  4. How do you focus when you zoom in?
  5. ^I find it very hard to focus when I'm zooming!
  6. There's not much underground left in that vally!! Have you found the mock airfield and AD placements which are all shot up yet? Dammed huge range complex that!
  7. :? I think it is deliberate that you cannot focus in - pay their premium rate hmmm? Other clearer ones may also be months old - NASA also offer similar but I haven't tried it out.
  8. who remembers the doomsday laser disk that did this
  9. The pictures are about 5 years old. Area 51 and the Tonopah range are mostly in hi-res, but you won't be able to see them on a dial up connection. On my 2 meg broadband it becomes mearly 'acceptable', but on dial up it would take a year for the relevent shots to be uploaded. Still, lots of interesting things on that range.
  10. If you are really interested in finding the alien captives and their secret technologies you could try a little closer to home......
  11. The range complexes in that neck of the woods get the biggest poundings imaginable every year. The annual firepower demo on Nellis Ranges gives meaning to the word and is just a tiny bit better than the random Harrier we get that lobs a concrete bomb into Battlesbury Bowl on the Plain. The last one I saw had every jet in the USAF bombing the feck out of the area for a couple of hours...
  12. For those who can't see what we are on about here it is, or at least a small part of it!