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More Good PR - FIBAR in the Canaries

Soldiers fighting in a bar - shock, outrage, horror, how dare Mr Brown allow it?

I loved one of the comments saying how the soldiers used all their training and skills to inflict damage. What?! Did they set up a support fire group, call in a fire mission, skirmish through, fix bayonets, close and kill the enemy?

Bet you'd never get any chavs doing that on a Saturday night!
Loved the comments:

You slap, you punch, you kick, you steal, you stamp, you kick, you throw tables, you slap, you kick, you break windows, you kick, you slap, you stamp, you punch...

...Be the best.
- Cohen



War Hero
And not three days ago we had a thread dedicated to the outrage of why a pub in Doncaster banned groups of squaddies!

Nice one lads!
Good publicity for the bar though all the gossips will be popping in to hear all the details over several drinks.
In a few days there will have been 40 of them and they were all special forces.

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