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Afghanistan could implode say MPs

Afghanistan could "implode" without more troops, and Iraq has become a "battleground" for al-Qaeda, warns an MPs report on the war on terrorism.
The Commons foreign affairs committee also says there is little sign of winning the fight against Afghan drugs.

The MPs say Iraqi forces are still a long way from being able to ensure security in their country.

They say there are too few foreign troops in Iraq and that Muslim states should be encouraged to send forces.

The wide-ranging report is the latest instalment of the MPs' long-running investigation into the war against terrorism.
Well this is all lies, because the Celestial Navigator said it was all wonderful , as did Ann Clwyd this week.

So these MP's must not be listened to , because they are very obviously trying to undermine the Golden future the Fragrant Father and his Flocks of Fortitude have planned for us, his wayward, but much loved Children.

"Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it" 'nuff said really.

Why does the Grand Poo Baa and his muppetry believe we could do any better than we did back in the 19th and first half of the 20th century???

At least back then they didn't have to worry about the touchy feely crowd and a report it before it's even happened media.
But at least the US-UK Afghan intervention's fulfilled out glorious leader's stated objective of curbing the heroin trade..........and eliminating Bin Bastar* and his Taliban sidekick, the one-eyed Mullah. Nope, on reflection, it looks like I've got that wrong. :cry:

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