More good news from Pakistan

In related news, it was reported today the first Pakistani woman to win the Sword of Honour has been reassigned to the office of Gen Mohammed al Muktada.An official at the prime minister's office issued a statement confirming earlier news reports that her new duties will include brewing coffee and running the general's laundry down to the cleaners.She becomes only the 6348th cadet to hold this position which is considered by many to be the pinnacle of female achievement in this rapidly modernizing country.

In other news,my boss loudly broke the wind today as he bent down to retrieve a dropped pen in an incident that brought the office to a momentary standstill.A witness to the faux pas,who refused to be named because of conflicting interests,said the boss was walking to his cubicle when the pen slipped out his fingers."He made a valiant effort to stop it from hitting the ground," said the witness as he gestured animatedly,"but it was not humanly possible."The pen dropped to the ground with what was described as the sound of rolling thunder.

Another onlooker who also refused to be named said his attention was drawn to his boss's wild flailing."I watched breathlessly as the pen hit the ground with the sound of rolling thunder" he said echoing the first witness's statement.

What was rapidly shaping up to be a bad day for that close knit office was about to get even worse.As the boss reached for the dropped pen, digestive gases-which until then had been safely held in his bowels-leaked loudly through his rear orifice startling fellow workers who were nearby.

"It felt like a thundering storm," said a bystander who refused to give his name although his name tag identified him as Joe Smith.He went on to add that for several minutes the whole place had the smell of rotting eggs about it.

Several workers expressed their courage at the boss's non-chalance."You should have seen him walk out of the room", remarked another employee whose real name could not be established at the time of going to press."He did'nt look back.His head was held high like a proud soldier walking back from battle."

When the employee was asked if he had any qualifications to know how a proud soldier walks when he comes back from battle,he said he had seen Rambo III at least eight times since its release more than a decade ago. (ApNews) :D
Did the US make a movei about the female soldier who was 'captured' by Sadams troops ?
Time dims the memory especialy on recent events.
jonwilly said:
Did the US make a movei about the female soldier who was 'captured' by Sadams troops ?
Time dims the memory especialy on recent events.
Yes it did.

"Saving Jessica Lynch" or as we call it around here "Saving Lynch's Privates."

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