More good news from Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Aug 30, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    More good news from Iraq in this blog:

    including this interesting piece:

    One of the people credited with the success of the Iraqi Olympic team is Mark Clark:

    He is being hailed as a national hero by the Iraqi people. After almost single-handedly rebuilding the sports network in the war-ravaged nation, he has been credited with ensuring that Iraq fielded a 25-strong team for this year's Olympic Games. And the man who is at the centre of the praise was born in Scotland.

    Mark Clark, a 30-year-old Edinburgh lawyer, is now Iraq's team manager and even helped the country's Olympic committee draft its constitution when the International Olympic Committee lifted a suspension in February on the country taking part in world athletics events. . . .

    It was because of the Iraq war that Mr Clark ended up in the country. He had given up his job with Dundas & Wilson, an Edinburgh law firm to take up his posting in Iraq as a Territorial Army reserve officer. Last July, he began working with the coalition provisional authority, the temporary governing agency in Iraq. But with a degree in intellectual property and sport-related law, Mr Clark was invited to take on the role of adviser to the CPA on sport.

  2. good for him!
  3. A very nice bloke too! I wonder what the Iraqi equivalent of an OBE is?
  4. probably none as yet but im sure they will think of one :wink:
  5. Shock horror 8O some good news emanating from Iraq

    Funny how the BBC or C4 never picks up on these things, eh :!:

    but then that would probably upset their balanced and unbiased reporting that the war was a disaster that Iraq would be better under Sad Mad